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Induction cookers have been changing the way we cook at home. These are gaining popularity among home chefs since they are a safer and more efficient option. Table top induction cookers use electromagnetic energy to heat pots instead of an indirect burner. With this feature, induction cooktops provide you with more precise temperature control! Table top induction cookers can heat your food faster by directly heating the pan. Moreover, the lack of an indirect burner makes it safer, so you wouldn’t need to worry about accidental fires occurring in your home. Induction cooktop brands have produced the best induction cookers with new features in every release. Choosing the right induction cooker for you may be overwhelming. But lucky for you, here are our top picks in the market. Don’t miss this chance to grab one of the best commercial induction cooktops available now! 

Bring Out the Secrets of Home Cooking with One of the Best Induction Cookers!

1. Imarflex Twin Induction Cooker

imarflex twin induction cooker

Imarflex is a cookware brand that is known for providing high-quality products that are reliable in the kitchen. Among Imarflex’s products, the Imarflex IDX 2250 is one of the best double burner induction cooktops available! This double induction cooktop has numerous features, ideal for home chefs who love to cook large portions of food! The Imarflex IDX 2250 contains a touch-sensitive control panel and a 20 kg weight limit. With this feature, you will be able to cook a large variety of food with ease. This induction cooker is one of the best induction cooktops with low power consumption due to its auto-off feature. The auto-off aspect saves you energy because it automatically turns off the induction cooker. With products like this, Imarflex has solidified its status as one of the best induction cooker brands. Grab one now and enjoy your brand new double burner induction cooktop! 

2. Electrolux EHI325CA

electrolux ehi325ca

The Electrolux EHI325CA is one of the best single induction cooktops available! With its size and design, this induction cooker is ideal for people who live alone in studio apartments. This induction cooker has a myriad of attributes like the power boost function, residual heat indicator, and more! The power boost function allows you to get an intense heat boost that is best used for pan-searing fish or stir-frying vegetables! Another nifty function Electrolux adds to their induction cooktops is their one-touch pause function that can help you in the kitchen. For moments when you would need to leave what you’re cooking for a split second, the induction cooker will stay at the lowest heat setting. Buy one of the best single induction cooktops now and get enormous discounts at Shopee Philippines! 

3. Dowell IC-35

dowell ic-35

The Dowell IC-35 is an electric induction cooktop that has an abundance of different cooking functions. With this induction cooker, you can switch to eight specific cooking functions to properly cook your food. The Dowell IC-35 is perfect for home chefs that seek to try different cooking methods such as stir-fry, grill, and hot pot. This induction cooker also features an auto-shut-off function, making it one of the best induction cooktops with low power consumption. The Dowell IC-35 contains a ferromagnetic material sensor and is thermal fuse protected for safety. These features lessen the risk of kitchen accidents and place you in a safer environment. Selling one of the best commercial induction cooktops, the Dowell induction cookers are something to consider! 

4. Xiaomi Mijia 

xiaomi mijia

Xiaomi is a brand that produces numerous types of gadgets and appliances. It has also produced one of the best budget induction cooktops, the Xiaomi Mijia. At an affordable price, this induction cooker offers numerous functions and features! The Xiaomi Mijia contains a built-in coil that increases heating speed and anti-slip silicone to create better friction. With these functions, you can generate heat faster, have your pan in a fixed position, and keep your stove from overheating! This induction cooker is perfect for college students that are looking for affordable cooking options. Don’t miss this chance to get one of the best budget induction cooktops available, made by one of the best induction cooker brands! 

5. Midea Induction Cooker

midea induction cooker

If you’re looking for a reliable induction cooker, the Midea induction cooker is something to consider! This induction cooker provides you with six distinct cooking functions and has 4D splash-proof protection. With six cooking functions, you can cook different types of food with ease. The Midea Induction cooker is an electric induction cooktop that seeks to make cooking easier and safer. The Midea induction cooker also has an auto-off feature to reduce power consumption. Improve your home cooking now by getting one of the best electric induction cooktops from Midea

Get One of the Best Induction Cookers Now!

As you decide on which induction cooktop brand is right for you, always remember to choose one that fits your situation. For large homes, we recommend getting a double induction cooktop to cook large quantities of food with ease. If you are living alone in a studio apartment, we suggest buying a single induction cooktop, preferably those with low power consumption. 

Besides induction cookers, air fryers are also a popular option due to their convenience and efficiency. Don’t hesitate to check out which air fryer best suits your home and how it can help you cook food in an instant! If you are feeling guilty about preparing unhealthy food, we recommend trying out quinoa as an alternative to your rice. Quinoa is a healthier option that you can try! As you prepare food, always remember to keep your home clean and tidy. Feel free to check out some of our tips to keep your house clean and keep your food tasty! 


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