Join in on the Fun and Claim Your Shopee Pera Panalo Prize Today!

how to claim shopee pera panalo

Are you ready to win up to ₱6,600,000 via ShopeePay during this 6.6 Sale? You better be! With Shopee Pera Panalo, you can stand a chance to win ShopeePay credits, coins, and raffle entries. On top of that, you can join the 6.6 daily raffles for a chance to win an extra ₱1,000 via ShopeePay! If all these pique your interest, get settled, and read on to find out how to claim your Shopee Pera Panalo! Take this as a sign to join the Shopee fam and create a Shopee account if you haven’t yet. While you’re at it, make sure to activate your ShopeePay account too so you can receive your Shopee Pera Panalo prize! 

How to Claim Your Shopee Pera Panalo Prize  

  1. Make your way to your Shopee app or go to Shopee Pera Panalo on the web.  
  2. Simply tap on the wallet to claim the daily prize which are either coins, a chance to win an exciting amount via ShopeePay, or raffle entries! 
  3. Keep an eye on your push notifications and make sure they’re enabled because that’s where you’ll find out what prize you won.

Shopee Pera Panalo: Things to Remember

1. Create a Shopee account

You can only join in on the fun and receive prizes if you have a registered and verified Shopee account. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create a Shopee account and be part of the Shopee fam. If you already have an account, make sure that your account is updated with your full name, Shopee username, and an active mobile number. 

2. Activate your ShopeePay account

If you end up winning an amount via ShopeePay, you’ll have to activate your ShopeePay account to receive it. With ShopeePay, you can buy load, pay bills, send money with free transfers, and scan to pay!  You can also enjoy exclusive ₱1 deals and vouchers such as free shipping vouchers and discount vouchers. So, activate your ShopeePay now! 

3. Use your one chance per day

You only have a maximum of one chance per day and you can’t carry it over to the next day. So make sure to check in daily! Your chance to claim your Shopee Pera Panalo prize is credited every 12 midnight. 

4. Spend your ShopeePay prize before it expires

On the lucky event that you win a prize via ShopeePay, do note that it has an expiration date! Once you receive your prize, it has a 15-day validity period. If left unused, it will expire and Shopee will crawl it back. You wouldn’t want that to happen! So, live with no regrets and use up your ShopeePay prize as soon as you can. 

ShopeePay credits won through Shopee Pera Panalo are non-transferable and non-withdrawable. 

Claim Your Shopee Pera Panalo Prize Now! 

Go on and log in to your Shopee account so you can tap on the Pera Panalo wallet and claim your prize! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity filled with fun and amazing prizes. Don’t miss out on other exciting promos too so check out the Shopee Sale Schedule to find out when’s the next Shopee sale and what you can expect! For new users, find out what’s in store for you with Shopee’s New User Zone! For more fun and entertainment, check out other Shopee Prizes and a few tips, tricks, and hacks to help you out. 

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