Try These Classy Korean Makeup Looks For A Back-To-Office Glam!

Slay (subtly) at work with that fresh-faced Korean look!
korean makeup looks

If there’s one thing we know about the Korean beauty culture, they sure have unlocked the secret to a natural, youthful glow with Korean makeup. What we especially love about it is that most of these Korean makeup looks are also great for tan skin! Shout out to both fair and morena Filipinas out there – these subtly gorgeous makeup looks are bound to be your next favorite office makeup routine. Read on to discover our favorite Korean makeup looks!

Serve These Korean Makeup Looks At The Office 

1. Gradient Lips

Also known as the “popsicle lip”, the gradient lips quickly rose from being a Korean makeup technique to a worldwide makeup trend! The dewy appearance plus the subtle, gradient hues can single-handedly brighten up your face. While it may look like a ton of work compared to the usual way you apply your lipstick, it’s actually quite easy to pull off. Here’s how to ace the gradient lip makeup:

  1. Apply concealer to your lips to cover the creases on your lips.
  2. Starting from your inner lip, apply your favorite bright lip gloss or lip tint up to the center of your lips in a dotting motion. 
  3. Lightly dab your lips together to smudge the color. You can reapply the same color to make it look brighter and repeat the dabbing process after.
  4. Blend out the colors with your outer lips’ concealer using your fingers or a cotton swab until you achieve a natural-looking gradient.

2. Straight Korean Eyebrows

Forget what you already know about eyebrow shapes – straight brows are the new on-fleek eyebrow look to slay! Spotted from various K-idols, Korean eyebrows take on a sleeker, straighter form and are a few shades lighter than their natural hair colors. And honestly, we can’t argue that this simple change is a big step in getting that Korean natural makeup look. Plus, it’ll probably save you a couple of minutes trying to perfect that eyebrow arch.

3. “Puppy Eyes” Korean-Style Eyeliner

If cat eyeliners make you look fierce, the puppy eyes eyeliner will do exactly what puppy eyes do – make your eyes look dolly and innocent! Instead of making a winged tip, draw from the center of your eyelids and follow the natural slope of your lids. To perfect this Korean-style eyeliner with ease, use the ultra-precise Maybelline Hypersharp Liquid Pen Eyeliner.

4. Aegyo Sal Makeup

Oh, to live in a time where noticeable under-eyes aren’t such a bad thing. We definitely have Korean beauty culture to thank for that! The aegyo sal is that little bump under your eyelids that appears more prominent when you laugh. To accentuate your aegyo sal with makeup, draw a thin, curved line slightly under your eyes with a highlighter shade and blend the edges. Then, conceal the dark circles below it or use a slightly darker shadow to accentuate the aegyo sal even more.

5. Red Eyeshadow

Do you know what else we initially didn’t expect the Korean beauty culture to embrace? It’s the “just-cried” eyeshadow look. The perfect mix of adorable and fierce, this Korean eyeshadow look uses red tones to make your eyes pop without being over the top! Nail this Korean eyeshadow look with a red eyeshadow palette. You’d be excited to try on different shades with the PINKFLASH #PinkDessert 12-shade eyeshadow palette, which includes matte, shimmer, glitter, and metallic textures in one pad!

6. Peach Blush

So far, these Korean makeup styles are going for the bright-but-not-too-bold look, and the peach blush trend surely fits right into this category! As an amazing Korean makeup look for tan skin, the stunning morenas simply can’t miss trying the Korean peach makeup look. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Korean peach makeup product, we highly recommend this Happy Skin Color Play Peach Bum mousse which you can use on your eyes and lips too.

7. Glass Skin From Korean Cushion Compacts

You’re probably as obsessed with the glass-skin Korean makeup style as we are. But what if we told you that it’s now easier to pull off using a certain life-changing product? Presenting, the Korean cushion compact! A fusion of skincare and makeup, these cushion compacts will help you achieve that luminescent glass skin both instantly and gradually. Who knew that was possible? With Korean cushion foundation, blush, and even brows, feel free to Korean cushion your way to a naturally fresh and glowy look! 

We Love A Fresh-Faced Girl Boss, So Try These Korean Makeup Looks Now

Look as if you’re totally shielded from all kinds of work stress when you try these Korean makeup looks! Indeed, subtle is the new “snatched” when it comes to office makeup, and it’s safe to say that these Korean natural makeup looks are the new standard in the Philippines. Match these gorgeous looks with elegant Korean office outfits or these ladies’ casual office wear from Lovito! Don’t forget to do your skincare routine before and after work with these Korean skincare products too so you’ll glow with or without makeup. 

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