Bring Your Tresses Back to Life With These Flattering Hair Colors for Asians

Time to try out a new hair color!
best hair colors for assians
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Dealing with dull and lifeless-looking hair? Why not add some color to it with the best hair colors for Asians? Switching up your look with a new hair color is always a great idea. Be it a pop of color or a subtle one that requires low maintenance, a trip to the salon or a hair dyeing session at home is one you won’t regret. But before deciding which hair color to go with, it’s always key to know whether you have a warm skin tone or a cool one. Once you’ve figured that out, finding a flattering hair color can be quite a challenge. But don’t fret because we’re here to help you out. Read on to discover the best hair colors for Asians depending on your skin tone! 

Best Hair Colors for Wam Skin Tone Asians This 2023

Coffee Brown Hair Color


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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hair color for warm skin tone Asians that doesn’t require you to settle for less, then the coffee brown hair color is right up your alley! Known for the warmth, depth, and dimensional richness that it gives – it’s no surprise that people have been asking their colorists for this. If you already have dark hair, the good news is you won’t have to use bleach to achieve the coffee brown hair color. This roasted coffee bean looking hair color is extremely versatile, allowing it to be tailored to perfectly complement your skin tone! Plus, it looks great in all hair textures so that concern is out the window! 

Bremod is known for its affordable, effective, and easy-to-apply hair color dyes. So lucky for you, you can snag the Bremod Coffe Brown Hair Color (6.5) if you wish to DYI it at home! 

Honey Tea Brown Hair Color

No hair color looks as sweet as honey like the honey tea brown hair color! This hair color is popular among those who love a warm, brown base and an overall look that makes you look youthful. The honey tea brown hair color is versatile enough to come in different shades, depending on how much honey color you add. You can also opt for a solid honey brown color or brighten it up with honey highlights! 

On Shopee, you can find a wide array of honey tea brown hair dyes to make this dream hair color a reality! 

Mahogany Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, reds, and mahogany hair colors are all over the internet! If this piques your interest but you can’t fully commit to being a full redhead or blonde, then the mahogany blonde hair color is the perfect in-between. Known as strawberry blonde’s earthier sister, this hair color comes with copper, gold, and rose notes that elevate the look! Stand out from the crowd with this hair color that’s  the perfect mix of red and blonde. 

Treat yourself to a mahogany blonde hair dye on Shopee and get your hair makeover going at home! 

Best Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tone Asians This 2023

Ash Brown Hair Color

Where brown and silver meet –  the ash brown hair color is a trend that you don’t want to miss. This hair color for cool skin tone Asians is perfect for summer, thanks to its dusky finish. With its gray leaning hues, it’s the best choice for morenas who want a hair makeover! If you want to add more dimension and cool tones, you can add ashy tone highlights. 

The Bremod Ash Brown Hair Color (8.1) is a go-to for those who want to try achieving the ash brown hair color at home! It may be a challenging feat to do it by yourself, but it’s definitely worth it. Just don’t forget the bleach

Ash Mauve Hair Color


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The ash mauve color is extremely flattering for those with dark hair. It perfectly blends notes of ash brown, gray, pink, and purple. Lean into its cool tone and gray-purple hues by adding mauve ribbon highlights to take the look up a notch! This hair color for cool skin tone Asians is one that you should try at least once in your lifetime. 

Make a Trip to the Salon and Try Out These Best Hair Colors for Asians This 2023

Discovering the best hair colors for Asians that complement you is like unlocking a treasure! Not only will you elevate your look but also give your hair a touch of life. Prefer to DIY it at home? Check out these best hair color brands that you won’t have to fuss over and other hair color trends to keep you in the loop. While you’re at it, cover all your bases and get healthy hair with the best hair serums and anti-hair loss shampoos

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