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Have you been wondering where to find Shopee vouchers? We’ve got great news for you because you’ve come to the right place! On your quest to finding Shopee voucher codes such as Shopee free shipping discount vouchers and other shopee promo codes, we’re here to give you a hand. So read on to discover Shopee discount codes that you surely don’t want to miss out on! 

Shopee Vouchers 2023: Free Shipping Discount Vouchers So You Can Enjoy Free Delivery

Does the added delivery fee hold you back? Worry no more because this 2.2 Sale, you can enjoy amazing free shipping discount vouchers. A handful will be pre-loaded to your account but below are Shopee free shipping voucher codes that you can also claim yourselves! 

Monthly Vouchers

  • FS199, capped at ₱60
  • FS249, capped at ₱38/₱45/₱50
  • FS249, ShopeePay; capped at ₱38/₱45/₱50
  • XTRA FSS FS600, ShopeePay; capped at ₱70

2.2 Vouchers

  • FS99, capped at ₱50; 12MN to 2AM
  • FS0, capped at ₱19/₱22/₱25; 12MN to 2AM
  • FS2000, capped at ₱200; 12MN to 2AM
  • FS0, capped at ₱19/₱22/₱25; all day
  • FS199, capped at ₱50; all day
  • FS500, capped at ₱50; all day
  • FS1000, sitewide; capped at ₱50; all day
  • FS99, capped at ₱50; hourly

Shopee Voucher Code 2023 Philippines: Have an Amazing Shopping Experience this 2.2 Sale

Add to cart and get ready to check out with these Shopee discount codes in tow! To know more about what’s in store for you, read up on the Shopee Sale Schedule and Discover Different Ways to Save With ShopeePay. If you’re new to the Shopee fam, be sure to check out these Shopee New User Zone perks! Care to play and win amazing prizes? These Shopee Game Tips will definitely be of great use. 

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