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A good brand of refrigerator in the Philippines is one of the essential centerpieces to have in the kitchen. Plus, it’s also one of our biggest sources of comfort at home! Imagine not being able to pull out a tub of ice cream or an ice-cold drink at home any time. So, now is the best time to save up and start shopping for a high-quality refrigerator. It’s a big investment, so make sure to get your money’s worth by choosing from the best refrigerator brands in the Philippines this 2023 that have been tried and tested for many years. To make things much easier for you, we’ve rounded up a list of the top refrigerator brands in the Philippines that you can buy on Shopee Philippines. But first, take a look at our quick guide in choosing the most reliable refrigerator brands.

Things To Consider When Buying From the Top Refrigerator Brands in the Philippines

  • Refrigerator Types

Top freezer refrigerators are the classic option for their affordability. As the name suggests, the freezer lies on top of a larger fridge section. If you’d like a bigger freezer, we recommend buying a bottom freezer refrigerator instead. Most people find it a more convenient style since a majority of what you’ll need is at your eye level. On the other hand, a side-by-side refrigerator features a vertical freezer and fridge next to each other. Its slim doors require minimal door swing space and they may come with a built-in water dispenser. Lastly, families would enjoy a French door refrigerator or a multi-door refrigerator which are typically larger. With these types, you’ll have plenty of room for each family member’s favorite food!

  • Size

Choose an appropriate size of refrigerators by looking at the fridge’s length, width, and height. You wouldn’t want your newly bought refrigerator to get in the way of your kitchen activities. Also, it’s likely that the bigger the refrigerator, the larger the energy consumption. With regards to how much space you have internally, the higher the cubic feet (cu. ft.), the more storage capacity you’ll get. 

  • Features

One of the features that most homeowners are eyeing is the Inverter technology in refrigerators. Thanks to this technology, inverter refrigerators help save as much electricity as possible. It’s pricier compared to traditional refrigerators, but you’ll save more money in the long run with relatively lower electricity bills. 

If you’re a fan of smart home appliances, you’ll surely love a smart refrigerator that can connect to WiFi and has other various high-tech features like food replenishment notifications and open-door alerts. To fancy up your kitchen even more, the best refrigerator brands in the Philippines offer other features like built-in ice makers, LED touchscreen displays, and convertible fridge-to-freezer features.

Keep reading to discover the best brand for refrigerators in the Philippines! Rest assured that these best fridge brands in the Philippines are worth your money and won’t disappoint. 

9 Best Refrigerator Brands In The Philippines 2023

1. LG 

lg smart inverter two door refrigerator


With state-of-the-art technology applied in every product, LG has long been a renowned brand for its innovative refrigerators! LG refrigerators surely have the upper hand when it comes to additional features and user convenience. So it’s no surprise that it’s easily considered among the top 10 refrigerator brands in the world! As one of the best fridge brands in the Philippines, you’re definitely in for a treat. 

For starters, their LG Smart Inverter Two Door Refrigerator has a no-frost feature and a deodorizer to make sure that your refrigerator is always in tip-top shape, along with your food! It’s easily one of the best refrigerators in the Philippines. To top it off, it comes with LG’s state-of-the-art Smart Inverter Compressor. With this technology, it automatically adjusts the refrigerator’s cooling power depending on how much food is inside. This allows it to be more energy efficient and consume less power! Plus, it’s one of their best budget refrigerators and is available at the lowest price on Shopee Philippines. Other highly rated LG refrigerator lines to check out are their frost-free refrigerators, direct cool refrigerators, and smart inverter refrigerators which are energy efficient at affordable prices.

2. Samsung

samsung top mount no frost inverter ref


Besides being a highly dependable electronics brand, Samsung has a solid reputation for its smart refrigerators in the Philippines–making it one of the top 10 refrigerator brands in the world. Samsung refrigerators take the lead when it comes to sleek and stylish design coupled with unique user-friendly features. Reviews are also highlighting its long life span and warranties of up to ten years.

The Samsung Top Mount No Frost Inverter Refrigerator  is one of the best refrigerators in the Philippines and impresses with its efficient cooling and spacious design and impresses with its efficient cooling and spacious design. The inverter technology ensures consistent temperature control, preserving food freshness. Its generous storage capacity accommodates the needs of families and individuals alike, with well-organized compartments and adjustable shelves. The no-frost feature minimizes the hassle of manual defrosting. However, its premium price tag may deter budget-conscious consumers. Despite the cost, this refrigerator offers a reliable and stylish addition to any kitchen, combining modern features with ample space, making it a compelling choice for those willing to invest in quality refrigeration.

3. Whirlpool

whirlpool intellifresh no frost refrigerator


If you’ve saved up a bit more for your future fridge, why not give Whirlpool Refrigerators a try? As one of the most reliable refrigerator brands, Whirlpool Refrigerators earned its sterling reputation for its easy maintenance and repairs. They’re energy-saving and are reported to work well after decades of use, so Whirlpool Refrigerators are worth every penny, guaranteed! 

Whirlpool SV Intellifresh No Frost Refrigerator has a unique Microblock Technology inside the crisper which fights bacteria and keeps food fresh for up to seven days. It also comes with 6th Sense Technology which helps your refrigerator to reach the coolest temperature with only minimal energy consumption! This energy-efficient refrigerator also comes with twin cooling gel, FreshFlow Flexi Vents, and a freshonizer. 

4. Panasonic 

panasonic 1 door direct cool non inverter refrigerator


Many Filipino homes have put their trust in the long-time household brand Panasonic for a great reason! They’re known for their durable home appliances, and this time around, their refrigerators are gaining a good reputation for their ECONAVI Inverter Technology. So it’s no surprise that Panasonic is considered as one of the best refrigerator brands in the market!

The Panasonic 1 Door Direct Cool Non-Inverter Refrigerator is a budget-friendly option that provides basic refrigeration needs. With its modest cooling performance and single-door design, it serves as a practical choice for those seeking a simple and cost-effective solution. This refrigerator suits individuals or small households on a tight budget!

5. Fujidenzo 

fujidenzo two door direct cool refrigerator


Not only is Fujidenzo a popular choice for home kitchen refrigerators, but it’s also known for its top-quality mini refrigerator and commercial refrigerators in the Philippines! Fujidenzo might be relatively new to the scene compared to other brands, but they quickly rose in the home appliance industry with their affordable but reliable refrigerators. You can easily find the best mini refrigerators in the Philippines from Fujidenzo! Get Fujidenzo’s RDD-60S Two Door Refrigerator at the lowest price guaranteed in Shopee Philippines! It consumes minimal electricity with 125 Watts and is equipped with reversible doors, adjustable wire shelves, and extra-large freezer space.

6. Hanabishi 

hanabishi double door refrigerator


When it comes to home appliances, Hanabishi knows how to do it right! A staple in every home, Hanabishi appliances are guaranteed to have top-notch quality and long-lasting products. The Hanabishi Double Door Refrigerator is a compact and practical appliance suitable for smaller households or spaces. Its double-door design optimizes storage organization, with separate compartments for fresh and frozen items. The refrigerator efficiently maintains temperatures, ensuring food preservation. Its affordability and straightforward functionality make it a viable choice for those seeking a reliable and space-saving refrigeration solution without breaking the bank.

7. American Home 

american home black two door refrigerator


Have you ever dreamed of having a sleek black refrigerator that will be the main star in your kitchen? Look no further because American Home has got you covered! You are sure to get the bang for your buck from small appliances to large ones when you buy American Home products. So there’s nothing to think twice about when it comes to the American Home Two Door Refrigerator! Its all-black look with silver accents will surely make it stand-out in your kitchen, making it as posh as can be. Enjoy the two-door feature of this refrigerator, with its freezer completely separate from the fridge! As one of the best energy saving refrigerators in the Philippines, it’s also fast and direct cooling, and eco-friendly. What more could you ask for from a refrigerator? 

8. Haier

haier fast cooling inverter single door


Haier is definitely not a stranger to homeowners out there! This home appliance company takes pride in its innovative products that will last a lifetime, all at affordable prices. With over ten years of experience in the Philippine market, you can trust that you’ll get your bang for your buck when you buy their products! 

The Haier Refrigerator in particular is one not to miss. As part of their Smart Beauty Series, it is indeed a beauty to behold! This single-door refrigerator has fast and smart cooling features, an inverter compressor, and a compact design to ensure that it keeps your food fresh while standing aesthetically in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a table top fridge, then you’re in luck because this Haier refrigerator is the perfect table top fridge that you can buy! 

9. CHiQ

chiq two door refrigerator direct cool freezer


CHiQ truly does it all! From world-class electronics such as smart TVs to top-notch home appliances like refrigerators, rest assured that CHiQ knows the secret to having a complete house. With years of experience under their belt, they offer innovation through experience and love through technology–all with the main goal of making your life simpler. 

The CHiQ Two-Door Refrigerator with Direct Cool Freezer is a compact and budget-friendly cooling solution. Its efficient direct cool technology keeps items fresh and frozen with minimal energy consumption. The two-door design allows for easy organization and access to both chilled and frozen goods. While its storage capacity may not suit larger households, it is ideal for smaller spaces or as a secondary fridge. The affordability of this CHiQ refrigerator makes it an attractive option for those on a budget, offering essential refrigeration features without sacrificing quality, making it a suitable choice for apartments or small kitchens.

Chill Out, Literally, With The Best Refrigerator Brands On Shopee Philippines

You deserve only the freshest food stash in your home, and you can never go wrong with buying from the best refrigerator brands in the Philippines! From the best energy-saving refrigerators in the Philippines to the top 10 refrigerator brands in the Philippines, you can definitely find the best brand for refrigerators on Shopee. Remember to keep an eye out for the features that you truly need in a fridge to get the best value for your budget. Shop good brands of refrigerators in the Philippines on Shopee today! Aside from inverter refrigerators, learn other ways to save electricity at home and thank yourself for it later. Also, couple your smart refrigerators with other smart home devices for the ultimate home experience.

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