Shower Her With Love With The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Want

Make Mother's Day extra special with a gift!
mother's day gift ideas
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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the special day of our supermoms than by giving them heartwarming and thoughtful gifts? Our mothers are the embodiment of modern-day superheroes. Despite having to balance numerous commitments and responsibilities at home and work, our moms still stay on top of things at all times. So this Mother’s Day, make their special day even more meaningful with the best Mother’s Day gift ideas! Celebrate the most important women in your life by checking out this list of Mother’s Day presents. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for mothers that you can easily buy on Shopee Philippines. Keep on reading to see good Mother’s Day gifts to surprise your nanay! Plan your sentimental and unique Mother’s Day gifts for your mom as early as today.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Mom Feel Extra Loved

Give Your Mom Gift Certificates this Mother’s Day

shopee gift card

Not sure of what exact item to give to your mom? Fret not because you can opt to go for Digital Goods & Vouchers or gift certificates as a unique Mother’s Day gift! If you’re having a hard time thinking of a specific gift idea, gift certificates can help your mother choose and decide on the item or product that she personally likes. With gift certificates, you can ensure that the product suits your mom’s own individual preference, style, and size. Lucky for you, Shopee has amazing gift cards that you can send to your mom, even if it’s a last-minute Mother’s Day gift! 

Grab your phone and take a look at Shopee’s gift cards made especially for this Mother’s Day, along with a celebration guide to help you out. With the wide array of Shopee’s Mother’s Day gift card designs, you’ll certainly find one that your mom will absolutely love! And on top of that, you’re helping her out on her next shopping spree on Shopee with this gift card in tow. Find out how to use Shopee Gift Cards today! No doubt, this makes the top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will love. 

Display Your Favorite Memories with a Picture Frame

wooden picture frames


A picture frame is a good Mother’s Day gift idea because this home decor allows your mom to display a sentimental or memorable picture of her or your family. Family is the most important thing to your mom, and she would definitely appreciate seeing her precious loved ones in a frame all day. Don’t forget to add a photo to remind your mom of your love and appreciation for her.

Smell Fresh All Day with a Bottle of Perfume



Nothing beats the smell of a good familiar scent of perfume that reminds you of your mom. Depending on your mom’s current scent, preference, and personality, you can choose different types of fragrance aromas that suit your mom. Pick from perfumes with floral notes, oriental notes, woody notes, or fresh notes. 

We recommend Sweet Night PH Official Store if you’re looking for a good and affordable perfume brand with different scents to choose from. You can also find other best women’s perfumes that are the talk of the town. Purchase a perfume scent that suits your mom on Shopee Philippines today at amazing deals and offers! 

Write Your Mom a Heartfelt Message with a Personalized Letter

heart buckle envelope


Nothing beats a handwritten, personalized, and sincere message to your mom for Mother’s Day. Not only is this gift one of the most cost-efficient, but it is also one of the most thoughtful and highly appreciated by your mom. You can get your paper supplies with a Mother’s Day-themed design and template from Shopee Philippines! Simply write whatever special message or letter you have to your mom to your heart’s content! If your busy schedule doesn’t permit you to go all-out this year, then this is the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift that is just as heartfelt! 

Gift Your Mom Precious Jewelry and Accessories this Mother’s Day

ls&co jewelry


One of the best gift ideas for your mom this coming Mother’s Day is pieces of jewelry and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These jewelry pieces will surely elevate your mom’s natural elegance, class, and sense of style. Even if these accessories are on the pricier side, it is a very precious gift that mothers will surely appreciate, use, and keep for a very long time.

Both LS&Co Jewelry and Silver Kingdom PH Official Store available on Shopee Philippines have the best jewelry options for you to choose from to give your mom! Score awesome deals and offers when you buy online today.

Show Love to Your Mom with a Bouquet or Box of Flowers

dried flowers


Flowers are a no-brainer gift idea to give the most special woman in your life on Mother’s Day. Depending on your mom’s favorite flowers, there are a number of different variations and colors to the ones we can find in our local flower shops. You can Surprise Your Mom With These Gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers And Flower Delivery Services! However, if you’re looking for a more long-lasting type of flowers, you can go for dried flowers on Shopee Philippines which can also double as aesthetically pleasing room decor.

Preserve the Flowers You Gave Mom with Aesthetic Flower Vases

nordic vases


Flower vases are the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea if your mom is into organizing and rearranging flowers and decorating her space at home. These flower vases are also very aesthetic and fit well with your current home decor. They can add a touch of nature to your house.

Let Your Mom Feel Classy at Home with Silk Pajamas

silk pajamas


Silk pajamas are a very practical gift idea as these types of pajamas are very comfortable and easy on the skin because of the light fabric of silk. It also makes as great loungewear as your mom can easily wear silk pajamas around the house. Silk pajamas can make your mom feel elegant and classy while at home. 

You can shop silk pajamas for mom from the Gaisano Country Mall Official Store or ZANZEA Official Shop both on Shopee Philippines.

Help Your Mom Declutter Her Bag with a Bag Organizer

bag organizer


For Mother’s Day, you can opt to give your mom a bag organizer as a gift idea. This will help her properly organize and declutter the contents of her handbag, which oftentimes gets very messy and all over the place. Since our moms usually like to carry a handbag when going out to shop, do groceries, or run errands, a bag organizer is a very practical and functional gift for the most special woman of your life.

Let Your Mom Document Her Day with a Journal or Planner

limelight a5 ruled journal


If your mom likes documenting and writing her random thoughts and reflections, give her a journal or planner. This usually helps your mom stay productive and on top of things by planning and organizing her daily schedule. A journal or planner can also keep your mom grounded and rooted as she writes all of her feelings and devotions in this notebook. Shop the different journals and notebooks on Shopee Philippines and score amazing deals and discounts today!

Check out the Limelight Ruled Journal if you’re looking for good-quality journals or planners to give to your mom!

Surprise Your Mom with Quality Sleep with Bedsheets and Pillowcases

nordic home queen bed sheet pillowcase


A good night’s sleep is one of the best gifts a mother could receive, especially with all the things on her plate and her mind. To improve your mom’s quality of sleep, consider bedsheets and pillowcases as a Mother’s Day gift idea to let your mom have the deepest, most soothing, and most relaxing sleep yet. Or better yet, give her a much-needed mattress upgrade with the best mattress on Shopee like Emma and Uratex!

Elevate Your Mom’s Homecooked Meals with an Air Fryer

gaboor air fryer


For your aspiring-to-be-Masterchef mom, an air fryer is a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea! An air fryer allows you to create healthy and oil-free meals using different kinds of ingredients and recipes. It only circulates hot air which is similar to deep-frying using oil, but a healthier alternative. We recommend checking out The Best Air Fryers In The Philippines Tried And True In Filipino Kitchens if you’re looking for the perfect kitchen equipment to add to your cart today! Giving your mom an air fryer this Mother’s Day is foolproof and definitely makes it to the top 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas. 

To maximize your air fryer, do also check out Healthy Air Fryer Recipes you can make at home with your family and loved ones!

Pamper Your Mom with a Mani and Pedi

sunnies face play paint ginger


Who doesn’t love a good mani and pedi? Surely, your mom does! Treat her to a manicure set and add her favorite nail polish, fancy nail art, and other nail care products. Having polished and beautiful nails will definitely bring her joy! Our supermoms deserve all the pampering in the world and she’ll surely feel loved with this unique Mother’s Day gift. Plus, you can make it into a bonding activity as you do each other’s nails!

Get your hands on some of the best-selling nail polish on Shopee such as the Sunnies Face Play Paint! This vegan nail polish quickly dries and is available in a wide array of flattering colors.    

Let Your Mom Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath

bath bombs


Indulge your mom in a relaxing and much-needed “me time” with a bubble bath this Mother’s Day! Curate a bubble bath package filled with bath bombs, bath salt, a loofah, and a bath tray! Prepare a glass of one of the best wine brands for her to sip on while she’s in the tub! Fill the bathroom with some candles and calming music, and she’s set to have a soothing bath. This definitely makes it to the list of mom gifts that she will extremely love and cherish. 

Upgrade Her Skincare Routine With Holy Grail Products

the ordinary retinol in squalene


Who doesn’t love a good skincare routine? To make sure that her routine is updated with the best skincare products on the market, why not give her products that the internet can’t stop raving about? Be it a retinol serum, hair serum, eye cream, or Korean skincare products like Laneige – you can find the best ones on Shopee Philippines, and rest assured that she will love this thoughtful and personalized gift for mothers! 

Show Your Love to Mom through these Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift idea this upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t forget to check out these products and gifts for mothers available on Shopee Philippines at amazing deals and offers to give to the most extraordinary women in your life. With all the hard work and love your mom has given and shown you throughout the years, reciprocate your love and appreciation to them not only on Mother’s Day but also every day of their life! Make Mother’s Day even more special by baking her a cake and shopping for outfits for moms

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