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Calling all matcha lovers! Treat yourself to a delicious, no-fail, hassle-free cup of matcha in the comfort of your home with the best matcha powders. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best Japanese matcha powders or flavored matcha, we’ve got the best matcha brands listed down for you. So read on to discover the best matcha powders in the Philippines that will satisfy your tastebuds!   

5 Best Matcha Powders in the Philippines Perfect For Every Matcha Lover

1. UrbanGreens Market Matcha Powder

urbangreens market matcha powder


Urban Greens Market Matcha Powder does it right when it comes to ceremonial grade matcha! This Japanese matcha powder is made purely from young tencha leaves in Japan. Thanks to the kind and quality of leaves being processed to create this matcha powder, it exudes of deliciousness without any hint of bitterness. Plus, it’s packed with nutrients too! So if you’re on the hunt for the best ceremonial grade matcha, best to try this out! With this powder in tow, you’ve got yourself one of the best matcha powder for lattes. 

2. inJoy Matcha Milk Tea Powder 

injoy matcha milk tea powder


For those who love matcha milk teas, you can finally make one for yourself at home! The inJoy Matcha Milk Tea Powder hits all the marks that can please your milk tea matcha craving. Delight in its creamy goodness made with real milk and tea powder. All you have to do is add water and ice, and you’re all set! Top it off with inJoy Tapioca Boba Pearls and you’ve got yourself a mouthwatering milk tea to enjoy. 

3. Ito En Sweet Matcha Powder

ito en unsweetened matcha powder


The best matcha powders in the Philippines are, without a doubt, made in Japan! For the best Japanese matcha powder, grab the Ito En Sweet Matcha Powder. Ito En is easily one of the best matcha brands so you won’t be disappointed. Aside from its savory flavor, this matcha powder comes with nutrients, Vitamin C, and Catechin antioxidants. Plus, it has no artificial flavors! You can enjoy its guilt-free ingredients including jasmine, lemongrass, and peppermint for that added flavor. It doesn’t get more umami than this! To top it off, you can also use this matcha powder to make match yogurt and matcha smoothie. 

4. Casa Japanese Salted Matcha

casa japanese salted matcha milk tea powder


When it comes to flavored matcha, you can always add honey, milk, or other sweeteners and syrups! But you don’t have to do any of that with the Casa Japanese Salted Matcha! If you love the Casa Japanese Uji Matcha Milk Tea Powder, then you’ll definitely like this too. This special edition of flavored matcha comes with a touch of saltiness – perfect for those who prefer to steer away from sweet matcha drinks. Its milky aroma and rich tea taste topped with salted flavor will leave you wanting more! This is one of the best matcha lattes like no other! 

5. Gold Kili Instant Matcha Latte

gold kili instant matcha latte


Who doesn’t love instant matcha? For those on the go, the Gold Kili Instant Matcha Latte is right up your alley! All it takes is just a few minutes to whip up this refreshing and creamy beverage. It’s a mix of creamer, green tea, premium matcha tea, and sugar. It also has l-theanine which will leave you feeling alert while being calm! This best matcha latte will definitely tap into the matcha lover in you. 

Best Matcha Powders: You’ve Met Your Matcha! 

Whip up a delicious cup of matcha with the best matcha powders that you can buy on Shopee Philippines! From milk tea matcha to the best matcha powder for lattes – you can find a wide array on Shopee. Speaking of drinks, check out these best wine brands, best coffee makers, and other food guides that will unleash the foodie in you.  

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