Beat The Heat In The Philippines With Air Coolers to Keep You Cool Throughout the Summer

What better way to stay cool this summer?
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Hands up if you’ve found yourself plastered to the floor trying to cool off on a hot day! On unforgiving days, the sun sure knows how to turn the heat up. It’s times like this when we look for the best air coolers in the Philippines to bring the heat down. 

Aircon vs. Air Cooler

Before picking an air cooler for your living room or bedroom, you might be wondering what’s the difference between air coolers and air conditioners. Generally, the best air coolers are more affordable compared to installing an entire air conditioning unit, and also easier to maintain. Check out our comparison table for the differences between air coolers and air conditioners:

air con vs air cooler

In short, air coolers are your best bet if you’re looking for an affordable option that is also low maintenance and energy-efficient! Some things to look out for when picking the best air coolers are:

  • Size — portable air cooler that you can shift to different rooms when needed
  • Humidifying — helps to maintain moisture levels in the air
  • Ionizing — purifies the air by removing particulates and odors
  • Large and small capacities — water tank refill rates are dependent on the capacity

With numerous advantages, you’ll be able to easily set it up for personal use or when you have guests over. Read on for our review of the best air coolers in the Philippines and pick out the model that’s the right fit for you!

Best Air Coolers Under ₱3,500

1. Iwata Air Cooler-Z10

iwata aircool z10 evaporative air cooler


The Iwata Air Cooler-Z10 allows you to toggle between three fan speeds and comes with automatic oscillation control. That means no more movie nights interrupted by fights over which direction the air cooler should face! It also comes with a piano button so you can adjust its settings manually. This air cooler is also incredibly lightweight and comes with wheels — making this portable air cooler easy to transport from room to room.

2. EWA Air Cooler

ewa air cooler


This sleek Ewa Air Cooler offers a solution for those looking for an air cooler with multiple features. It’s a portable desk fan, personal air cooler, and a mist humidifier all-in-one! It comes with user-friendly buttons, three different fan modes, and a 7L capacity. This value-for-money air cooler also packs an extra punch with its cooling capabilities. You can make your room cooler in a blink of an eye by just adding cold water! 

3. Iwata Aircool-Z17 Air Cooler

iwata aircool z17 air cooler


The Iwata Aircool-Z17 Air Cooler offers cool air with an intuitive interface that lets you switch between presets easily. This air cooler has three fan speeds to toggle between. It includes two pieces of ice packs that you can put in its ice chamber for faster cooling! 

Bonus: we love the sleek black and white exterior of this Iwata air cooler — it’ll blend seamlessly with any home decor!

4. Dowell ARC-10P Air Cooler

dowell arc 10p air cooler


Not only does this Dowell ARC-10P Air Cooler have a swing function, but it also has three-speed functions that will make your room cool in no time. More than just being water compatible, it also comes with a 3L water tank. It has a honeycomb filter for cooling efficiency and humidification. No wonder this is one of the best air coolers that many are after! Get your hands on this air cooler now, given that it’s one of the must-have home essentials especially during summertime. 

Best Air Coolers That Are Portable

5. Tylex Mini Air Cooler

tylex xm33 portable mini air cooler


Do you tend to move around the house a lot? In that case, you won’t have any trouble bringing the TYLEX Mini Cooling Fan with you as you shuffle around at home! Along with the compact and lightweight build, there’s a handle attached to the cooler for easy carrying. It comes with a 300mL water tank and three speed modes for you to choose from. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this rechargeable air cooler also has RGB lighting at the top! Perfect for placing on your work desk or bedside table, enjoy your own personal “aircon” with this portable air cooler! 

Pro-tip: When the weather gets too hot, we suggest placing the cooling filter into the freezer or filling the water tank with ice and cold water before use for a blast of cold air!

6. Zeus Arctic Air Cooler

zeus air cooler


If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable air cooler, then look no further! One of the many advantages the AZeus Arctic Air Cooler delivers is that it’s cube-shaped, which makes it easy to place even on your coffee table. It also charges via USB, making it simple to power up whenever required!

7. Retro Personal Portable Air Cooler

retro air cooler


Think air coolers are not cool (pun intended) enough to match with your stylish home interior? Think again! The Retro Personal Portable Air Cooler boasts a retro stereo design that will look fancy in any corner of your home. It also comes with a sturdy handle and is lightweight (less than 1kg) so you can easily carry the portable air cooler wherever you go — even on a picnic! Just remember to charge it via the USB port so it’s ready to go!

8. Xiaomi Microhoo 3 In 1 Mini Air Cooler

xiaomi microhoo air cooler


Another mini powerhouse is the Xiaomi Microhoo 3-In-1 Mini Air Cooler. As a small and compact air cooler, it does not take up much space and is convenient to carry to offices, bedrooms, or wherever you need it! This Xiaomi air cooler comes with a detachable 1L water tank which is more than sufficient to last you a few hours. Add a few drops of essential oil into the water tank and the misty air would have a hint of fragrance. Check out this Guide To 7 Best Essential Oils To Get For Your Home.

Best Air Coolers That Ionize and Humidify the Air

9. Popcorn USB Mini Air Cooler and Purifier

popcorn air cooler


Enjoy cleaner and cooler air with this Popcorn USB Mini Air Cooler and Purifier! It’s also a humidifier and air purifier which cools and cleans the air, making it one of the best air coolers for your baby’s nursery room! Moreover, you need not worry that your little bub will be awoken by the noise of the portable air cooler as it runs quietly. Plus, it has a built-in LED light with light control that you can easily adjust.

10. VGL KTS-L601



The VGL KTS-L601 is packed with handy features to combat the heat. It has a wide angle of 120° and it can reach up to six meters of wind distance! It has a timer which you can set for up to eight or twelve hours and will automatically switch off after that time. This air cooler is also a purifier and humidifier that will keep the air in your room cool and clean. With its powerful motor, four pieces of ice crystals for faster cooling, and 5L water tank – what more could you ask for in an air cooler? 

11. Symphony Silver-E Evaporative Air Cooler

symphony silver air cooler


No air cooler has a multi-stage air purification process like the Symphony Silver-E Evaporative Air Cooler! This air cooler takes it seriously when it comes to purifying the air while cooling it. It starts off with its allergy filter to get rid of any allergy-inducing agents in the air. Followed by the bacteria filter where its anti-microbial chemicals kill them all. Next comes the smell filter to ensure that any nasty odors will be expelled and replaced with nothing but fresh and clean air. It doesn’t stop there! It has a PM 2.5 wash filter next, to strip off the air with any remaining impurities. And the last checkpoint is its dust filter to ensure that it gets rid of any dust particles that manage to sneak their way in! The air in your room will be as fresh and cool as can be with this air cooler! 

Best Air Coolers With 5L and Above Water Tank

12. Iwata Aircool Z16 Air Cooler

iwata air cooler z16


Its three fan speed isn’t its only handy feature — the Iwata Aircool Z16 Air Cooler also comes with a water tank that holds up to a whopping 8L so that you can use it continuously for hours — perfect for those warm nights where sleep seems to escape you. You can trust the ice pack chamber to deliver cool air right away. There’s nothing to think twice about! Buy this Iwata Air Cooler that’s easily one of the best air coolers out there! 

13. Asahi IC 009 Ice Cooling Fan

asahi ic 009 air cooler


Is your standing fan just not cutting it? Equipped with amazing features like a three fan speed, sleep or breeze function, and 7L water tank, the Asahi IC 009 Ice Cooling Fan will keep you cool without you waking up in a pool of sweat. Its big water tank capacity allows it to maintain cool airflow for hours! It’s practical too as its screen and filter are detachable, making it easy to wash and clean. Plus, this air cooler comes with a remote control so you won’t have to stand up to adjust its settings.

14. Symphony Brim-8L Diet 8i Air Cooler

symphony brim 8l air cooler


If you’re looking for an air cooler that can do it all, the Symphony Brim-8L Diet 8i Air Cooler has got you covered. This air cooler with an 8L capacity is made with iPure technology that has an astounding filter that can filter out dust, bacteria, allergy-causing particles, and purify the air at the same time. It also has a power consumption equivalent to that of a fan so you don’t have to worry about facing a huge electricity bill, making it a must-have home essential! 

15. Dowell ARC 80 Air Cooler

dowell arc 80 air cooler


Hate the hassle of refilling your air cooler’s water tank? We promise you those troublesome top-up sessions will be few and far between with the Dowell ARC 80 Air Cooler. It comes with one of the largest water tanks we’ve ever seen — a whopping 8L which is also detachable! The Dowell air cooler is definitely one of the best air coolers for large homes or office spaces. It also has a negative ion generator and a honeycomb filter to humidify any space! 

16. Big Brute Heavy-Duty Air Cooler

big brute air cooler


Do you hate the hassle of refilling your air cooler’s water tank just as much as we do? We promise you those troublesome top-up sessions will be few and far between with the Big Brute Heavy-Duty Air Cooler. It comes with a whopping 20L water tank and an ice pack chamber for fast cooling! Everyone can breathe easily while enjoying the cool breeze in the room, thanks to its humidifier and air purifier function! Factoring in its relatively affordable price, this heavy-duty air cooler is certainly a value-for-money choice for large homes or office spaces.  

17. 3D AC-2203 Eco Snow Air Cooler

3d acc2203 eco snow air cooler


Need an air cooler that goes above and beyond the typical cooling time? Check out this 3D AC-2203 Eco Snow Air Cooler that comes with 22 liters of water capacity! Having such a big water capacity allows it to cool a room for up to 22 hours. In case you want to save electricity, this air cooler also comes with an eight-hour timer so that it will automatically turn off once you’ve gotten your good night’s rest. With its amazing technology, it also comes with a water pump that will automatically shut down in case there isn’t any water left. Even with such a huge water capacity, this air cooler hits all the marks when it comes to aesthetics too! Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on the wonders that this air cooler brings! 

Relax and Chill With These Best Air Coolers

The Philippine’s unforgiving weather can be just plain uncomfortable for everyone. Fortunately, there are other ways to beat the heat thanks to these air coolers! We’re also here to help you out in Choosing The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home. If you think it’s time for an upgrade in your home, be sure to also check out these must-have smart home devices too while you’re at it. 

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