5 Work from Home Tips to Stay Productive

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TBH, it’s a tough time for all of us, but we are fortunate enough to be working from the comforts of our houses. While some may have already adjusted to this set-up, others are still having a hard time finishing the tasks assigned to them. But don’t you worry, Shopee Fam! We’ve rounded up 5 things that might help boost your productivity, so you can easily tick that task “Done.”

1. Dedicate a spot where you can work comfortably

Setting up a specific spot inside your house where you can shut out any distractions will help you concentrate at the task you’re doing. Don’t forget to check if your devices have a stable connection to the wifi so you won’t miss out on any email and conference calls.

PSA: Avoid working in your bed at all costs, Shopee Fam! You’ll only have a hard time staying awake even if the sun’s still shining brightly.

2. Create a to-do list for the day

It’s time to put those notebooks to use! List down all the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. Make sure to incorporate breaks! You may include petting your dog for a couple of minutes, digging in to your favorite snack, or listening to a podcast episode to keep you motivated. 

Pro-tip: Taking a 17-minute break after every 52 minutes of uninterrupted work is said to be effective!

3. Finish your chores first before working

Our minds have this way of constantly bothering us of our unfinished chores — uncleaned floors, unwashed dishes and clothes — which only keep us distracted on the tasks we’ve been working on. So make sure to finish these chores first before you sit on your chair and turn on your laptop.

Or you can also allot time for it during the day! Just make sure you don’t overlap chores with work, you can use your break time as well!

4. Dress up like it’s a regular day at work

Many people have been sharing on social media that dressing up for the day makes them feel more functional even if they’re not going anywhere. Others also said that they were able to experiment with outfit ideas they could wear at their future meetings, so you better switch that pjs into something more stylish now!

5. Make time to chat or call your friends and loved ones

Don’t keep yourself totally isolated from everyone and use your breaks to message or call your friends, colleagues, or your family if you’re living alone. These quick conversations can ease your stress from work and keep you connected.

The current situation is difficult, but we know that you’ll power through! It’s easy to get distracted when working from home which is why we encourage you to take little breaks. It’s important to keep your work-life balance in check now more than ever. These are a few simple ways to keep your A game for work, but these are also meant to help you stay comfortable at home. Our homes are our safe spaces, and work shouldn’t change that! Always remember to take care of yourself, and check out these Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy as we prepare for the transition to a “new normal.” 

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