5 Useful Tips to Stay Safe & Healthy Today

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“Health is wealth” may be an overrated saying, and sometimes it sounds corny when we hear our parents, titos and titas saying these words. But to be honest, keeping ourselves safe and healthy is so crucial these days! And since we need to do our part to keep our bodies away from any sicknesses, we’ve listed 5 helpful tips on how we can stay safe and healthy today.

1. Exercise good personal hygiene

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We couldn’t emphasize this more: WASH YOUR HANDS, SHOPEE FAM!! Wash ’em frequently. Wash ’em for at least 20 seconds–you can do this by singing the chorus of your favorite songs (PRO-TIP: Shopee jingle works too *wink*). Aside from that, it is also good to practice respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing — then disposing the used tissue right away. You can also use your bent elbow as a cover if you do not have any tissue with you.

2. Disinfect the common areas inside your house daily

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Tables, switches, and handles are just some of the surfaces and objects that we usually touch on a daily basis. So it’s important to clean and sanitize these surfaces as much as we can by using a mixture of detergent and water or a disinfectant spray. You can also dilute bleach with water and use this as a disinfectant spray or cleaner.

3. Stay indoors and be creative with your get-togethers

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The government emphasized our need to practice social distancing–maintain a distance from others and minimizing contact with people–it’s best for us to cancel our scheduled meetings, celebrations, and non-essential travel for the meantime. You’ll definitely miss some officemates and barkada, but who says we can’t totally see each other? Yep, jump on that group video call right now and celebrate with your friends via e-numan. *wink

4. Eat healthy meals and take vitamins

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This shouldn’t be a problem for us, Shopee Fam, since we know we’re all on the healthy diet bandwagon right now. But we think this is also the best time to add vitamins to this healthy diet! Aside from honing your home-cooking skills, taking Vitamin C, B6, and E can boost and strengthen our immune system even more!

5. Stock up on your necessities without hoarding

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Stock up for a good week or two on your groceries! BUT, do that without hoarding! Only buy the things that you actually need and will use while staying indoors. PRO TIP: If you don’t want to go out and encounter such hassle of going to the groceries and lining up, you can visit Shopee Mart and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep instead! We have listed the basic necessities we thought you might need on our Stay Safe & Healthy collections–from Health & Hygiene items to Babies & Kids’ essentials to Food & Groceries, we have it for you! PLUS, you can get them at huge discounts, which is pretty much a good deal, right?

We hope that everyone is kept safe and healthy during tough times like this, Shopee Fam. We at Shopee are committed to providing you with things you need may it be that Free Shipping Voucher to get your next birthday present or one of the basic necessities essentials that you might need while staying indoors. These tips will help us out for sure.

We’ll be publishing a series of blog articles that will be helpful for all of us while we work from home. Stay tuned on Shopee Blog for more!