Shopee Prizes: Tips, Tricks & Hacks

shopee game hacks

Update: If you think the Shopee Games feature is missing, don’t fret! All Shopee Games have moved to Shopee Prizes and we’re here to share some Shopee game tips!

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Simply tap the Shopee Prizes icon on the home page to continue playing all your favorite games!

Shopee Game Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Shopee’s 2.2 Free Shipping Sale is here, but aside from the great discounts and flash sales, did you know that Shopee has a lot of games in store for you as well? Different games feature different prizes, so make the most out of the 2.2 Free Shipping Sale and test your luck! Choose which games interest you, but we suggest you play them all. More than that, we are sharing Shopee game tips and simple hacks to give you a better chance of winning! With a tap on your screen or a shake of your phone, win Shopee Coins, vouchers, or even a cash prize.

Make sure to play Shopee Games daily to win prizes!

(And take note of our Shopee Game tips to make the most out of each game.)

1. Shopee Throw

shopee throw

  • Prizes: Coins, vouchers, special prizes
  • Where to Play: In-app only
  • Time Slot: All day

Brighten up the start of the new year with Shopee Throw! All you have to do is throw the sparklers and light up the sky for the chance to win amazing prizes. Don’t miss out on special events so you can enjoy bonus points and up to 5,000 ShopeePay credits!

2. Shopee Farm

shopee farm

  • Prizes: Coins, vouchers
  • Grand Prize: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
  • Where to Play: In-app only
  • Time Slot: All day, Monday 12NN for Weekly Crop Refresh

Select a crop of your choice to nurture and grow. You can water your crops up to 8 times a day. The choices for crops come in limited quantities, so in case your favored choice runs out, you can check back for the Weekly Crop Refresh. You can change your crop for one Shopee Coin, so we suggest you stick to a reward you really want! 

Pro-Tip: You can ask for water from friends and family. Shopee users can water your crop up to 20 times a day, while non-Shopee users can give you up to 80 droplets of water! Share your Shopee Farm to help grow your crop into a harvestable reward faster! Watch out for special events like Thunderstorm and Giant Watering Cans to give your crops more water.

3. Spin & Win

spin and win

  • Prizes: Coins, vouchers, and special prizes
  • Grand Prize: Oppo A15s,  upsized coins, and up to ₱1,000 ShopeePay Credits
  • Where to Play: Shopee app or Shopee website
  • Time Slot: All day, every hour

As the name suggests, all you have to do is spin and win! Spin the wheel to win coins or vouchers that you can use to make the most out of the 2.2 Free Shipping Sale. Stand a chance to win special prizes by collecting Golden Tickets that will be used as raffle entries. You get the chance to win the grand prize!

Pro-Tip: Set reminders so that you don’t miss out on the Golden Tickets! The more you collect, the better chances you have of winning!

4. Shopee Claw

shopee claw

  • Prizes: Coins, and vouchers
  • Grand Prize: Upsized coin pool and iPhone XR
  • Where to Play: Shopee app only
  • Time Slot: All day

Get a chance to win a mystery prize daily! Shake your phone to shuffle the prizes in the machine, and use the arrow keys to move the claw to the prize of your choice. Once you have it, press START to grab your prize! 

Pro-Tip: You get two free plays daily. Use these as practice rounds, and play with one Shopee Coin once you’ve gotten the hang of it! Try to target the gift boxes for the chance to win a special prize.

5. Shopee Candy

shopee candy

  • Prizes: Coins, vouchers, and special prizes
  • Grand Prize: Upsized coins and Shopee vouchers
  • Where to Play: Shopee app only
  • Time Slot: All day

Switch and match candies to complete the goal in a set number of moves! Points are accumulated at every level, and you can use them to redeem special prizes in the Points Redemption Store. 

Pro-Tip: You get two lives daily which will refresh every six hours. If you are unable to achieve the goal, you can buy 5 additional moves with Shopee Coins! An extra life costs 1 Shopee Coin, and you can buy up to 99 additional lives per day! Try to collect as many coins as you can, and hold out for redemption to get better prizes!

6. Shopee Bubble

shopee game tips bubble

  • Prizes: Coins, vouchers, and special prizes
  • Grand Prize: Upsized coins, Realme 8I, Apple iMac
  • Where to Play: Shopee app only
  • Time Slot: All day

Simply match 3 or more bubbles and pop them! Clear all bubbles within the given time limit to proceed to the next level. Make sure to rack up those points, because you can use them to redeem exciting prizes in the Points Redemption Store! 

Pro-Tip: Try making combo moves to increase your score. It’s not only about matching 3 bubbles, it’s about popping bubbles that will lead to greater bubble-popping opportunities!

7. Shopee Shake

shopee shake

  • Prizes: Shopee coins
  • Grand Prize: Up to ₱10,000 ShopeePay Credits and iPhone 12
  • Where to Play: Shopee app only
  • Time Slot: 12MN, 10AM, 7PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM

With over 1,000,000 Shopee Coins to be given away, you won’t want to miss out. Simply shake your phone to win coins that you can use on future purchases.

Pro-Tip: Invite friends to play at the same time as you, because you get more coins for each friend! You also get the chance to win the bonus prizes. Don’t forget about TV Shake and learn how to join Shopee Shake to get the chance to win a cash prize! 

Put These Shopee Game Tips To Use To Win Shopee Prizes!

Keep track of the games with daily free plays, and don’t miss out on timed games like Spin & Win and Shopee Shake. There are so many games to play and prizes to win, so one of the biggest Shopee Game tips we can give you is to set alarms and reminders on your phone. Label your reminders according to their specific games as well, so you don’t get confused! Good luck and happy gaming!