How To Pick The Best Nivea Body Lotion For Your Skin Type

Let’s be real, moisturizing our entire body is often one of the last things on our minds. However, as many of us get exposed to environmental elements on a daily basis, skipping out on moisturizing the body can cause dry skin, discolored elbows, and cracked heels – yikes! But in a sea of lotions and moisturizers, how do you pick the best body lotion? With over a century of experience, Nivea has proven to be a trusted, household skincare brand and is one we’ve all tried at least once in our lives. Well, now’s the time to go back to it! Here are seven Nivea body lotions to nourish, hydrate, and leave you with silky, smooth skin all day, every day!

7 Nivea Body Lotions That Your Skin Deserves! 

1. Nivea Extra White Radiant & Smooth Lotion 

nivea radiant smooth

Do you often suffer from dull and tired skin? Get your glow on with the Nivea Body Extra White Radiant & Smooth Lotion! It contains a deep white essence that repairs, nourishes, and smoothes your skin. What’s more, this Nivea moisturizer also shields you from harsh sun rays as it is formulated with a UV filter and includes 40x vitamin C to brighten your skin. Get your hands on this must-have body care!  

2. Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk

nivea moisture body milk

Ever wondered what’s the difference between body milk and body lotion? Although both are moisturizers, body milk has a higher oil content than body lotion. This makes it particularly suitable for those with dry skin which can often be exacerbated by aggressors like pollution and harsh sun rays. If you’re battling rough and dry skin, the Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Body Milk (available in the Nivea Official Store) is perfect for you! This Nivea moisturizer boasts 50x more Vitamin E which intensively nourishes and smoothes your skin, leaving it visibly more moisturized within seven days!  

3. Nivea Extra White Repair and Protect SPF30 

nivea white repair

Our skin sees a lot of changes during our lifetime. From fluctuating weight, pregnancy, or just time catching up with us, our skin can begin to sag and wrinkles can start to show. Stay youthful with the Nivea Body Extra White Repair and Protect SPF30 (available in the Nivea Official Store)! This Nivea body lotion is specially developed to meet the needs of Asian skin. It is formulated with highly effective SPF30 PA++. This whitens, protects, and repairs all at the same time! What more could you ask for? Try this Nivea body lotion for a more confident you today! 

4. Nivea Healthy Glow Cooling UV Lotion

nivea cooling UV

Are you in search of a moisturizer that’ll keep your skin hydrated and feeling cool all day? This Nivea Body Healthy Glow Cooling UV Lotion (available In the Nivea Official Store) contains Lotus extract that gives you a beautiful and healthy glow! On top of that,  it’s made with cooling technology to leave you feeling fresh all day. This Nivea lotion gives your skin intensive nourishment without leaving a greasy feeling. Grab this Nivea body lotion now for your much-needed body care! 

5. Nivea Healthy Glow Radiant Rose

nivea glow

Does your skin feel greasy after applying a lotion? This Nivea Body Healthy Glow Radiant Rose (available in the Nivea Official Store) provides normal to dry skin with the moisture and care it needs without leaving any greasy residue given that it’s lightweight and fast-absorbing. It’s enriched with licorice extract and natural argan oil that will moisturize your skin. What’s more? Applying this lotion will envelop you with the scent of rose, one of the most alluring fragrances out there! Simply layer it on after a bath or before heading out to enjoy the all-day effect of this body lotion!

6. Nivea Body Oil in Lotion Rose & Argan Oil

nivea argan oil

The Nivea Body Oil in Lotion Rose & Argan Oil (available in the Nivea Official Store) lets you experience the goodness of natural oil in a fast-absorbing lotion without leaving any greasy residue. This delicately scented lotion indulges your senses with the rose scents and stays on your skin for more than 24 hours. If you’re afraid that the oil in the lotion might cause skin irritations, fret not, this oil in lotion has been dermatologically approved and is safe for use on sensitive skin. With this Nivea body lotion, your skin will be left smelling like roses and feeling irresistibly smooth to the touch!

7. Nivea White and Repair UV Body Lotion

nivea repair UV

Are you starting to see dull, damaged skin? The Nivea Body White and Repair UV Body Lotion (available in the Nivea Official Store) is perfect for you! With super fruit extracts like Acerola Cherry and Camu Camu, you’ll be treating your body to the perfect amount of Vitamin C that it deserves! This lotion can help repair dark spots, rough skin, and even uneven skin tone too. Don’t wait any longer and pamper yourself with this Nivea body lotion now! 

nivea body lotion table

Wrap Yourself in a Cocoon of Moisture With These Body Lotions

Whether you prefer a frill-free body lotion, a luxurious cream, or a lightweight oil in lotion, you can guarantee that these Nivea body lotions can wrap your skin in some serious TLC. Regardless of your skin type, it’s never too late to introduce body moisturizers into your skincare routine! Once done, go the extra mile and achieve your K-beauty goals with Laneige products. Plus, if you’re dealing with hair loss or on the hunt for the best facial cleansers for oily skin, we’ve got you covered!  

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