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In this competitive age of high-resolution content streaming, getting a Smart TV is almost a must for every home. How else can you enjoy the latest Korean drama on Netflix, with your legs comfortably propped up and your favorite snacks by your side? Thankfully, the best Smart TVs in the Philippines this 2023 don’t have to cost a fortune–you can easily get one for as low as ₱9,000. Baffled by complex terms like 4K resolutions and High Dynamic Range (HDR)? Check out our glossary of terms so you know what to look out for when buying your Smart TV! Keep reading for the ultimate home guide when it comes to the best and most affordable Smart TVs in the Philippines too. Get ready to discover some of the top Smart TV brands on the market!

How to Choose the Best Smart TV in the Philippines 2023?

If you’re having second thoughts about whether you should buy a Smart TV or not, check out the table below! Aside from familiarizing yourself with the common terms associated with Smart TVs, the table includes a few special features that regular TVs don’t have. 

smart tv features

Now that you understand the basics, you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase a new Smart TV for your living room or bedroom! Wondering what models to look out for? Read on for our guide to the best android and Smart TVs in the Philippines, including the best smart TV brands on Shopee! 

Best 43-inch Smart TVs 

1. Coocaa 43″ Smart TV (₱9,900)

coocaa 43 inch smart tv

If you’re in the market for the best Smart TVs in the Philippines and the best Smart TVs under 25k that offer top-notch entertainment at affordable prices, look no further than the Coocaa 43″ Smart TV (available in Coocaa Home Official Store). Offering low blue light, Youtube, Coolgo TV, and screen sharing, this Smart TV hits all the marks when it comes to the best home entertainment. As one of the best Smart TVs under 25k, you’ll be pleased to know that you can have all the fun in game mode! Top it off with Dolby Audio to truly seal the deal. This is your sign to shop for one of the top Smart TV brands in the market! 

2. GELL 43” Smart TV (₱7,469)

gell 43 inch smart tv


If you’re in a pinch over your TV budget, the GELL 43” Smart TV (available in GELL Philippines Official Store) has you covered! As one of the most affordable Smart TVs in the Philippines this 2022, this model provides everything you’ll need for an optimal TV viewing experience. With enhancements like Full HD resolution and the ability to install any app you want, it’s definitely rare to find a Smart TV with such specifications at such a bargain! You’re home deserves a good smart TV brand and GELL definitely makes the cut. 

3. Realme 43” Smart TV (₱15,990) 

realme 43 inch smart tv

The highly anticipated and widely talked about realme 43” Smart TV (available in realme Official Store) sure does live up to its hype! Despite being an affordable Smart TV in the Philippines this 2022, realme is one of the best TV brands in the Philippines this 2022 as it delivers a complete package in audio, display, and performance. By including bells and whistles like the built-in Google Chromecast and Dolby Audio, you’re up for a great viewing experience. You can install any app that you want which includes games or streaming platforms! Or watch live TV too, whichever tickles your fancy! 

4. CHiQ 43” Smart TV (₱13,990) 

chiq 43 inch smart tv


Make the most out of lounging on your sofa without having to lift a finger with the CHiQ 43” Smart TV! Google Assistant, Google Play, Chromecast Built-in, Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon – this TV has all the entertainment needs you could ever think of at the tip of your fingers. This Smart TV is as jam-packed as can be! On top of all that, Dolby Audio will take your viewing experience to a whole new level with the best quality audio available on the market. This TV will beautifully and seamlessly fit in your living room thanks to its metal frameless design!    

Best 55-inch Smart TVs in the Philippines 2023

5. Sony 4K UHD HDR Smart TV​​​​ (₱31,500)

sony 55 inch smart tv


Keen on pushing the limits of Smart TV picture quality? The Sony KD55X75K 55″ 4K UHD HDR Smart Google TV (available in Western Appliances Official Store) will certainly exceed your expectations with Sony as one of the top 10 TV brands in the Philippines. Thanks to its revolutionary 4K Processor X1™, 4K X-Reality™ PRO, Motionflow™ XR, and Live Color™ Technology, display and performance will be like never before! You can experience whole new shades and colors displayed with stunning accuracy as light is refined and filtered. It doesn’t matter where you’re seated–the colors will dazzle audiences thanks to its wide viewing angles! As one of the best TV brands in the Philippines, Sony surely won’t disappoint! 

6. Xiaomi TV 55” 4K Ultra HD Android TV (₱25,990)

xiaomi 55 inch smart tv


Want to purchase an Android TV in the Philippines but are tight on budget? We recommend checking out the Xiaomi TV 55” 4K Ultra HD Android TV (available in Game Extreme Official Store)! Right from first impressions, you’ll gawk at how little you’re paying for such a huge screen size. 

Instead of simply letting display size be its main draw point, Xiaomi follows through with numerous supporting features to sweeten the deal. From minimal bezels to 4K resolution and Dolby Audio, this TV offers everything you could want in a modern Xiaomi TV. This allows it to punch above its weight and prove itself as a valid contender among the best android TVs in the Philippines! It’s high time for you to get a Smart TV from one of the best TV brands in the Philippines! 

7. Hisense 55” 4K ULED  Ultra HD Smart TV (₱25,550) 

hisense 55 inch smart tv


Hisense has continually refined the tried-and-true Smart TV formula! That’s all in pursuit of chasing the title of building the best Smart TV in the Philippines this 2023! The minimalist design of Hisense 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (available in Hisense Official Store) impresses with how sleek it is! It comes with 4K Ultra High Definition, 4K AI Upscaler, and a free soundbar. It doesn’t get any better than this! Relish in the beauty of stunning sights thanks to its magnificent display and strong performance. Get ready for a viewing experience that is unmatched. 

Best 65-inch Smart TVs 

8. Avision Frameless 65″ 4K 65UL88H Smart TV (₱30,299)

avision 65 inch smart tv


Purist when it comes to picture fidelity and quality? Check out the Avision Frameless 65″ 4K 65UL88H Smart TV (available in Avision Philippines Official Store) that’s seen as one of the best Smart TVs in the Philippines for its amazing display performance! You’ll notice a world of difference when upgrading to the Avision 65UL88H’s stellar display. The image details and dynamic range of colors are deserving of all the praise this Smart TV receives. This Smart TV is perfect for just about any living room with its frameless design, making it a beautiful centerpiece! 

9. Devant 65″ Ultra HD 4K Smart TV (₱30,299) 

devant 65 inch smart tv


Who says you have to break the bank when buying a 65-inch Smart TV? That’s not the case when it comes to Devant Smart TVs! The Devant 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV is as sleek and stunning as they come. Equipped with 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, screen sharing, Instant Game Response, Voice Command, Smartphone Remote Control, and one-touch access–watching your favorite movies and TV shows will never be the same. Elevate your streaming experience with this amazing 4K Smart TV that won’t drill a hole in your wallet. Plus, it comes with a free soundbar!  

10. Samsung 65″ Crystal UHD 4K (₱37,999) 

samsung 65 inch crystal uhd 4k


The Samsung 65″ Crystal UHD 4K TV offers an impressive viewing experience with its vibrant 4K resolution. The crystal-clear picture quality and vivid colors make it a top choice for movie nights and gaming. Its sleek design seamlessly blends into any living space. Overall, the Samsung 65″ Crystal UHD 4K TV delivers exceptional visual quality like no other.

11. Gell 65” Android Smart TV (₱23,999)

gell 65 inch android smart tv


The Gell 65″ Android Smart TV impresses with its affordability and Android operating system. The picture quality is decent for the price, making it a budget-friendly option for casual viewers. Its user-friendly interface and app compatibility are definite highlights. If you’re looking for an affordable smart TV with basic features, the Gell 65″ Android Smart TV is a reasonable choice, so shop now on Shopee! Shop for this good Smart TV brand on Shopee today. 

Incredible Experiences Await with these Best Smart TVs in the Philippines 2023

With the best Smart TVs, your viewing experience will be better than ever! Treat yourself to the top 10 Smart TV brands on the market and you won’t be disappointed. Take your home entertainment to the next level with the best Smart TV brands! These top Smart TV brands are simply waiting for you. Complete your experience with the best Android TV boxes to have more options when it comes to choosing your favorite TV shows and movies to watch. Don’t stop there! Achieve Surround Sound To Create The Best Home Theater with these must-have speakers that you can buy from Shopee Philippines.