Common Coffee Maker Types in Different Households

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A cup of coffee is definitely one of the best ways to kickstart every day! Whether you’re looking for that boost of energy or you just enjoy the taste of coffee, investing in a coffee maker will be well worth it. While the coffee enthusiast community is widespread, there is no set-in-stone “best coffee.” Everyone has their own preferences, and the different coffee maker types give you different results. Keep reading to learn about the coffee maker types, so you can brew your favorite type of coffee daily!

The Most Popular Coffee Maker Types 

Drip Coffee Makers

drip coffee maker

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The most standard coffee maker type is the drip coffee maker! This is one of the easiest small kitchen appliances to use. All coffee enthusiasts have at least owned a drip coffee maker. These are very popular because they are easy to use. Simply add your ground coffee to a coffee filter, put it in the drip coffee maker, add water, and let it do its thing! Aside from being oh-so-simple to use, another benefit of the drip coffee maker is that you can control the strength and amount of your brew! These are compatible with both disposable and permanent coffee filters, making it the perfect coffee maker for any type of coffee enthusiast.

Instant Espresso Machine

espresso machine

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Espresso machines are completely different from drip coffee makers, but they’re also very popular in terms of coffee maker types to have at home! Compared to the slow drip coffee maker, an espresso machine uses high pressure to produce a quick shot of espresso. From a budgeting point of view, having espresso every morning is more affordable than coffee, because you’ll need fewer supplies. You can do away with milk and creamers because espresso is meant to be taken straight! This strong brew is best for those who need to instantly wake up their brains in the morning. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to stay awake all night. While you can use regular coffee beans in an espresso machine, dark roast works best.

French Press Coffee Maker

french press

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While comparing coffee maker types, we also showcase the different advancements in technology. Let’s take things down a notch and consider manual coffee makers like the French press! The main difference is in terms of flavor production. Every coffee maker that uses a coffee filter actually retains most of the oils that come from your roasts. However, the French press simply steeps the coffee grounds so that you can get the most flavorful cup of coffee! It’s also easy to adjust the flavor and strength of your coffee, similar to the drip coffee machine. Although this is a manual appliance, the great difference in flavor is almost unbelievable!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

cold brew

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While coffee is normally enjoyed piping hot, cold brew coffee is increasing in popularity! Especially in a warm country like the Philippines, you can enjoy the caffeinated kick of coffee in a refreshing way with a cold brew coffee maker! A unique benefit that cold brew offers is that it is low in acidity. Cold brew is sweeter and lighter, perfect for coffee enthusiasts that cannot stomach bitterness!

Start Your Day with Your Perfect Blend of Coffee

A coffee maker is one of the small kitchen appliances that you definitely need for your home. Whether you enjoy your coffee caffeinated or decaf, a quality coffee maker does not skimp on flavor! Discover all the best coffee makers at discounted prices on Shopee Philippines! With so many listings to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect match. A cup of coffee is an integral part of a morning routine, so invest in one of your favorite coffee maker types to help you get through every day!

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