Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Happy Father’s Day to all dads! While we should show our appreciation to our dads every day, we don’t think about it as often as we should when school, work, or life gets in the way. Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate their hard work and guidance. What better way to give back to them than with a  Father’s Day gift? It might be difficult to think of what to give, but Shopee celebrates all dads too! You know your tatay best, so we’ve listed five ideas paired with awesome discounts! Check out Shopee’s Father’s Day Sale for featured collections and hot products. No matter what you choose, we know he will love it! 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For the Fashionable Dad

fashionable dad

Some dads love expressing themselves through fashion. Whether they’re keeping up with the modern-day trends or sticking to old school looks, dads love showing class out of the house. Get him a classic polo that he can wear for daily errands. He could even wear it to work! Tatays value practicality, so getting a polo (or more than one!) that he can use for different occasions is a great gift.

Aside from a polo shirt, shoes are also a great idea! It would be better to surprise him than to give away your gift by asking him for his shoe size. Take a peek into his shoe cabinet to determine his size and get him an extra pair of shoes! Whether papa owns a lot of pairs or sticks to only a few, this is a gift he will surely appreciate!

For the Fancy & Fresh Dad

fancy and fresh dad

Other fathers might be more interested in their physical appearance. You can find grooming products on Shopee to get papa a brand new grooming kit! Buy shaving cream, razors, or even an electric shaver! This is actually the foolproof Father’s Day gift, because all dads need supplies for grooming! Instead of wrapping them up, gift this in a toiletry bag. This will keep his supplies organized at home, or it’s something he can pack for travel!

For the DIY Dad

diy dad

For the DIY dads who love being hands-on with home maintenance, he’ll definitely appreciate a brand new set of tools. Fathers enjoy tinkering around the house to make it a better place. So why not give papa something to help him with that? There’s no better way to say thank you than with new tools and appliances. You can find high quality drills, hand tools, and even toolkit sets to show him your appreciation!

For the Techy Dad

techy dad

You could have a dad who’s knowledgeable on all the latest gadgets or you could have one who doesn’t keep up with the advancements. In any case, mobiles and gadgets are a great Father’s Day gift! While you’ll need to splurge a little more money on this, you can still save more when you use Shopee. Get him a brand new phone, TV, or even a gaming console! No one is too old to play games and this would actually be a great escape for papa when he feels like winding down. You could even play multi-player games together for bonding time!

For the “Speed Racer” Dad

speed racer dad

If your dad enjoys joy rides in a car or on a motorcycle, we’ve got just the thing. There are so many car and motorcycle accessories to consider. As a solution, we’ve got loads of different listings on Shopee for you to choose from! Fathers take care of their cars and motorcycles as if they were their child as well. Show your support for his hobby by choosing something to improve his riding experience.

You know your tatay best, so these Father’s Day gift ideas range across different hobbies and interests. No matter what type of dad you have, he’s the best man you could ever have in your life! It’s easy to forget about his sacrifices and contributions to the family, so take this Sunday as an opportunity to say thank you for everything. It may be hard to express our gratitude with words, so choosing a gift that suits his style is the perfect form of expression for this special day. It won’t only be practical and useful, but it will show Dad that you love him for who he is.