Up Your Makeup Game With These Viral Makeup Hacks and Trends!

We hear these are game changers!
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It seems like makeup trends are never going out of style! Whether you’re on the hunt for the best makeup hacks, tricks, and trends for school or office – we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on any makeup hacks and makeup trends. Here are the five best makeup trends this 2022 you can’t miss!

Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss Out On

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Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

Look your best every day with the best makeup trends in the Philippines this 2022! Whether you’re on the way to school, if you have a presentation at work, or you could just be staying at home, there’s definitely a makeup trend for you! Now is the perfect time to try out new looks and products to upgrade your makeup game. Make sure to post on your social media if you buy something new on Shopee Philippines. 

Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek with These Makeup Trends

woman filling in her eyebrows

Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

Since it’s usually the first thing in everyone’s makeup routine, the first one on this list is the eyebrow! When you’re wearing a face mask the entire day, your eyebrows become the main point of your makeup routine so you have to make sure they’re always on fleek. One eyebrow trend that’s not going anywhere this year is the fluffy brows! Have the best eyebrows with these great hacks and start on the right foot with your makeup looks!

Soap Brows to Keep Your Eyebrows in Check

iconic london eyebrow cushion


Soap brows are all the rage these days! Instead of using your usual eyebrow gel, you can apply glycerine soap on your brows using your spoolie. It sounds a bit wild but it definitely has a stronger and longer hold on brows. It’s even more affordable! You can start off with concealer, then apply soap on your brows using a spoolie. Then fill your brows using the Iconic London Eyebrow Cushion, and close off by applying concealer again for the cleanup. Sounds great, right? Who knew you could use your bar soap in your makeup routine? 

sace lady eyebrow gel


You can also use soap specifically made for your eyebrow routine! If you’re not comfortable with using the bar soap you have at home, you can always buy brow soap on sale on Shopee Philippines! Don’t forget to brush up those brows for a neat, fluffy brow look. 

Rock Your Eyeliner with these Eyeliner Hacks

woman with eyeliner

Credit: Taylor Heery / Unsplash

Eyeliner is definitely one of the scariest parts of a makeup routine. There’s always that fear of accidentally stabbing your eye or unintentionally smudging it all over your face. And after you’re done, you’ll realize that the liner style you choose doesn’t even fit your eye shape!

The Bat Wing Liner

pinkflash waterproof eyeliner

Using your favorite eyeliner, you can achieve the best eyeliner for your eye shape! All you have to do is to draw the first line up like you usually do, fill in your lash line, then make a line up to your crease then fill in the gap! 

Semi-Permanent Waterproof Eyeliner

maybelline tattoo brow


To make your eyeliner last longer, you can also use eyebrow tint products! You can go swimming today without the fear of your eyeliner smudging because most tattoo brow products on sale are waterproof and semi-permanent! Give the Maybelline Tattoo Brow a try! 

Winged Eyeliner Stamps

clissora get winged eyeliner stamp


Can’t seem to get that wing right? Check out this viral eyeliner online! Gone are the days of being late to parties because of your eyeliner. With winged eyeliner stamps, you can easily get the shape you want in one press. And with the Clissora Eyeliner Stamp, you can also erase any mistakes you might have made with your eyeliner pen with ease. Eyeliner isn’t that hard!

Finish Off Your Eye Makeup With These False Eyelash Trends

woman with nose contour

Credit: Min An / Pexels

Flaunt your eye makeup with every blink when you put on a pair of false eyelashes! Even if you can’t seem to perfect your brows or your eyeliner, don’t worry. Putting on gorgeous eyelashes will certainly draw most of the attention!

Half Lashes For That ‘Clean Girl’ Eye Makeup

o two o mascara


We’re a little too obsessed with the neat and preppy ‘clean girl’ makeup look. We’re gradually saying goodbye to that thick, full-on false eyelashes and settling for something less dramatic, but oozing with class – half lashes! Check out this half-lash trend. Brush your lashes up with waterproof mascara for a stronger hold. Grab a scissor to cut your lashes in half, stick them into the outer part of your lash with eyelash glue, and voila! Bat those pretty lashes effortlessly.

Blush Hacks You Can Try for the Perfect Makeup Look

woman applying blush

Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

Lipstick is the New Blush in this Viral Makeup Trend

The newest makeup trend in the Philippines this 2022 is using your lipstick as a blush! Sounds bizarre, right? But see for yourself and give it a try before giving the final verdict!

rare beauty blush

You can use the Rare Beauty Blush, a Christian Louboutin lipstick, and a NYX lipstick, but you can use any red lipstick you have at home! After applying the lipstick, you can go back to your regular programming and proceed with your usual routine. The key items here are the makeup sponge, foundation, concealer, and contour stick to get that beautiful flush. Not you looking sunburnt without going out? Go get it, bestie!

Ace Blush Placement with this Technique

Get a natural facelift with this technique! Blush works wonders on your look but where you apply it is definitely an essential part of your makeup routine. Here we learn that applying blush on the apples of your cheek doesn’t work for everyone. You can try applying from your cheekbones to your temples to boost your makeup look!

Hide Anything with these Concealer Tricks 

man applying concealer

Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

Brighten Your Under-Eyes With The White Concealer Hack

o two o concealer


It might be hard to believe at first, but a concealer that’s as white as snow might find its way to your kit with this makeup hack. Use white concealer as a base under your usual concealer to add lift. Just a heads up – this will probably challenge your blending skills. But once it naturally brightens your under-eye, contours your cheekbones, and even makes the white of your eyes sparkle, the end result will definitely amaze you.

The No-Fail Way to Apply Concealer

nars natural radiant longwear foundation


You start off with foundation without applying it around the eyes yet! A lot of people love to use the Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation. Afterward, apply your Colourpop Pretty Fresh Spray, but any hyaluronic acid spray will do! This is for smoothening outlines and moisturizing! You then apply an eye concentrate, like the Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. You can then close it off with your Kylie Cosmetics Concealer or any other concealer. Time to start concealing!

How to Extend the Life of Your Concealer When it Runs Out

If you run out of concealer, it’s a prank! Take out the stopper of your concealer with a pair of tweezers and then you have all this extra product that can last you for a few more days! Make sure that you buy a new one soon though!

Define Your Nose with this Technique 

nars contouring powder


This makeup hack is a surefire way to contour your nose! Following the steps in the video, you start off with a bronzer and apply it with a brush on your entire nose. Give the Nars bronzer a try! Then you use your face powder on the sides of your nose, in her case she uses Makeup Mekka! Blend everything together with a brush, then voilà! Snatched!

Trust Us, These Best Makeup Trends are Worth Trying!

Despite looking a bit unorthodox, these trends, hacks, and looks work! It might work differently for some of you but there’s no harm in trying. While you’re on it, you can try out this makeup guide for a full face look or read on easy-to-do makeup looks and beauty tips for makeup newbies! Beautiful things are always worth the work, the money, and the wait!

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