How to Use a Face Mask and a Face Shield: Do’s and Don’ts

how to use a face mask and a face shield

Are you stepping out of your house, Shopee Fam? Don’t forget to wear your face masks and face shields while we’re still facing this COVID-19 pandemic! Whether you’re going out to run errands or go to work, you should always wear these two items for your safety and protection. But most importantly, you should wear your face mask and face shield properly to keep you safe. Otherwise, it would just be for nothing. If you’re unsure how to do so, keep reading to find out how to use a face mask and a face shield correctly!

How to Use a Face Mask

how to use face mask

Credit: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels

We all know by now that face masks are an effective way to protect yourself from the virus. But, you should make sure that you use the right kind of mask and know how to use a face mask correctly. Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to use a face mask!


1. Do wear the right kind of mask

First off, you have to wear the right kind of mask. There are surgical masks, cloth masks, N95 masks, and KN95 masks available. People may prefer to wear cloth masks because of their beautiful designs which make it look stylish. If you choose to wear cloth masks, make sure that you wear it with a filter or a surgical mask underneath it. Wearing a cloth mask alone is not enough to prevent particles from passing through. Also, you should steer clear from face masks with vents because these are not effective! 

2. Do wear the darker side of the mask outside

If you opt to wear a surgical mask, take note of the different colors on each side. The darker color side of the mask is water-resistant. The lighter color side of the mask is absorbent. Picture this: if you’re talking to someone and you’re wearing the lighter color side of the mask outside, the liquid particles from the person you’re talking to could potentially stick to your mask because the absorbent side is facing outwards. On the other hand, if you wear your mask correctly, which is the darker side outside, the liquid particles won’t stick to your mask because it’s water-resistant. So remember: the darker color should be facing outside and away from you, the lighter one inside. You must remember this or else the mask won’t be able to protect you. If you want to know how to wear face masks correctly, don’t forget this important step!

3. Do wear the top part of your mask on your nose

“How do I know which is the top part of my mask?” you may ask. For surgical masks, the top part is the end with the bendable wire. Place this end of the mask on your nose and pinch it to mold it to the form of your nose. This will secure your mask in place and prevents particles from entering your mask too. 


1. Don’t touch your mask when putting it on

Then how could you possibly put it on? Well, you have to hold your masks through its ear loops. It’s important to avoid touching the mask itself to prevent the possibility of contaminating your mask with your hands. Put each ear loop around your ears and voila, the mask is on! 

2. Don’t let your nose stick out

Masks are supposed to cover your nose up to the bottom of your chin. Don’t let your nose stick out otherwise, wearing a mask would be useless. A lot of people make this common mistake. Make sure that you won’t do the same thing! If you leave your nose sticking out of your mask, you’re not protecting yourself and you’re harming others too. 

3. Don’t leave your mask lying around after using it

What do you do after you’re done using a face mask? Dispose of it properly! Don’t leave it lying around or else you could be spreading the virus. When you remove your mask, just like how you put it on, remove it by the ear loops. On the other hand, N95s are reusable! But, you have to check the recommendations that come with your N95 mask to see how many times you can use it. Just make sure that whenever you’re not using it, you’re storing it in a safe place. For cloth masks, dispose of the filter and wash the cloth mask properly before you use it again. 

How to Use a Face Shield

face shield and face mask

Credit: Ian Panelo / Pexels

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the government first mandated the use of face shields in public transportation and offices. But now, face shields are required in commercial establishments too! So, buy a face shield and make sure to wear it whenever you step outside. Even if you’re just going out to run some errands or buy groceries, you need to wear this otherwise you won’t be able to enter commercial establishments. Wearing a face shield with your face mask adds protection so when things get too unbearable because of the heat, just bear that in mind! 

Read on to remind yourself of some do’s and don’ts on how to use face shields. These do’s and don’ts are for frame-type face shields. Frame type face shields are the most sought after because the majority of these are lightweight so it’s comfortable to wear. It’s also breathable, making it fog-resistant. Make sure you’re wearing frame-type face shields correctly so keep reading! 


1. Do assemble it properly

Some face shields, like the Heng De face shields, require you to assemble it. Don’t worry! It’s very easy to put it together. You simply attach the plastic shield to the glasses that it comes with. Make sure that you securely attach the plastic shield otherwise it may fall off while you’re wearing it, leaving you exposed. 

2. Do remove the plastic cover 

Don’t miss out on the important part! Remove the plastic on both sides of the plastic shield. If you don’t remove the plastic, you’ll end up with a blurry face shield. Most plastic shields have plastic on both sides so once you’ve removed the plastic, simply wear your assembled face shield like you would your sunglasses. 


1. Don’t leave it on top of your head

When buying face shields, remember that it should cover your entire face. Don’t lift it or leave it to rest on top of your head otherwise, it will be useless. People would sometimes do this while walking around in commercial establishments. This is not good practice because you’re not following the rules set to ensure everyone’s safety. Be a good citizen and wear your face shields correctly! 

2. Don’t forget to clean it

Sanitize your face shields every single time you’re done using it. You can sanitize it by spraying some alcohol and wipe it around with a piece of tissue. Clean every part of it, including the glasses! The great thing about face shields is that unlike face masks, you can reuse it. Just don’t forget to clean it! 

Best Face Shields to Check Out! 

1. Heng De face shield

Heng De face shields are becoming the talk of the town! This face shield brand is sought after by many because it’s easy to assemble and comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet too! The Heng De face shield is breathable and fog-resistant which are very important things to consider when it comes to buying face shields. It won’t fog up due to moisture so you won’t have to worry about having to deal with a blurry vision compared to other kinds of face shields! 

2. Dr. Greg face shield 

Dr. Greg face shields are a lot like Heng De face shields. You won’t have to worry about struggling to put it together. Snap it all in and you can use it in no time! It’s lightweight and it won’t obstruct your vision. Just like the Heng De face shield, the plastic shield has plastic on both sides so make sure to remove this. 

3. Nopeet face shield

You’ve probably seen celebrities like Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu wearing chic face shields on Instagram. If you’ve been wondering what those are, well, it’s the Nopeet face shield! Nopeet face shields are visor-type face shields that cover the eyes up to the nose. However, if you’re going to work, these aren’t advisable because it’s recommended to wear full-face face shields.  If you want to look stylish while keeping yourself safe, then this is right up your alley! 

Stay Safe with Face Masks and Face Shields

Shopee Fam, let’s do everything we can to stay safe! So, make sure that you wear your face mask and face shields whenever you step outside of your home. But more importantly, wear your face masks and face shields correctly to ensure maximum effectivity. Remember these do’s and don’ts on how to use a face mask and a face shield! You’re not just protecting yourself but you’re also protecting others by this simple act! Remember to be responsible, alert, and stay safe at all times!