Find Out Where to Buy Antigen Test Kits if You Plan to Test at Home

Yes, you can finally test at home!
where to buy antigen test kit philippines

“Where to buy antigen test kits near me?” – this probably crossed your mind and we’re happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place! Testing at home is now made possible thanks to FDA-approved antigen test kits here in the Philippines. So read on to find out where to buy antigen test kits in the Philippines. From antigen test kits in Watsons to antigen test kits in Mercury Drug, you can definitely get one in no time. But first, there are a couple of things you should know before buying an antigen test kit! 

Where To Buy Antigen Test Kit Philippines: Things You Should Know First

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1. Get an RT-PCR test if possible

The Department of Health is allowing the following to purchase or distribute antigen test kits that can be self-administered as long as they’re FDA-approved and follow the given guidelines

  • DOH-licensed health facilities (both private and public)
  • Local Government Units (LGUs)
  • Centers of Health Development (CHDs)
  • BARMM – Ministry of Health
  • National Government Agencies (NGAs)
  • Private entities 

They can sell or distribute it to those who need it to be tested for COVID-19. However, DOH still recognizes RT-PCR as the “preferred diagnostic method” when testing for COVID-19. So whenever possible, choose to get an RT-PCR instead! 

2. Double-check that the antigen test kit is FDA-approved and validated by RITM 

Where can I buy antigen test kits? There are many options! But the most crucial factor you should pay extra attention to is if the antigen test kit you’re buying is FDA-approved and validated by RITM. This ensures that you’re getting a legitimate antigen test kit that has been vouched for and tested by the FDA and RITM. The FDA constantly updates its list of FDA-approved antigen test kits so always double-check the list first before buying! 

3. Test with an antigen test only if you are symptomatic 

The DOH only recommends a self-administered antigen test if you are symptomatic! The test should be done within seven days from when you first experienced symptoms. Otherwise, it’s not recommended for those who have exposure but are asymptomatic. Get an RT-PCR test instead! 

4. Report it right away if you test positive

If you use an antigen test to test for COVID-19 by yourself at home and the result ends up being positive, make sure to report it. You can report it either to your Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) or your healthcare provider. This ensures you get the help you need to manage your symptoms and information on what to do while you isolate and quarantine. 

5. Properly dispose of your antigen test kit

Once you’re done self-administering your antigen test kit, don’t just leave it anywhere. Antigen test kits including the swab, kit, gloves, and bodily fluids are considered infectious waste. Make sure to put it in a sealed bag or a leak-proof container. Label it as “CAUTION: INFECTIOUS WASTE” and dispose of it properly. 

6. Make sure the antigen test kit meets the price guidelines set by DOH

With the numerous sellers of antigen test kits, finding out where to buy antigen test kit Philippines is no longer that hard. But, you have to ensure that you’re not paying more than what the DOH has set! Antigen test kit prices in the Philippines have a price cap set by the DOH and all distributors should follow it. As of August last year, antigen test kit prices in the Philippines must not go above ₱960! 

Where to Buy Antigen Test Kit Philippines: Drugstores Near You

1. Watsons 

Without a doubt, there’s a Watsons store near you! Whether in a mall or along a busy street or highway, you can easily spot a Watsons store from a mile away. The great news is that you can buy FDA-approved antigen test kits in Watsons! Among the FDA-approved antigen test kits in Watsons that you can buy are the STANDARD™ Q COVID-19 Ag Test Kit, JOYSBIO SARS-CoV-2- Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit, and the HEALGEN Coronavirus Nasal Antigen Rapid Test Cassette.     

2. Mercury Drug

Much like Watsons, you can definitely find a Mercury Drug store on almost every corner. If you want to use your Suki card, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also buy an antigen test kit in Mercury Drug too! Antigen test kits from Mercury Drug prices won’t drill a hole in your wallet either. Following the price cap, antigen test kits from Mercury Drug prices won’t go beyond ₱960. 

3. Shopee

You can also shop for antigen test kits on Shopee Mall! Indoplas carries the SD Abott Zybio Wondfo Antigen Home Test and the SD Biosensor STANDARD Q Antigen Home Test which allows you to test at home and get your results in just 15 minutes. Both these antigen test kits are FDA-approved too! 

Test at Home with an FDA-Approved Antigen Test Kit

Now that you know more about antigen tests and where to buy them, testing at home is possible! Knowing the answer to the question “Where to buy antigen test kits near me?” is certainly a game changer. Just make sure you get antigen test kits from a trusted supplier and that it’s FDA-approved and validated by RITM. 

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