Celebrate Teacher’s Day Apart, But Together!

celebrate teacher's day

October 5 is right around the corner! Just in case you don’t know why that day is so significant, it’s World Teacher’s Day. Teachers have such a great impact on everyone’s lives so this day is a perfect time to show how grateful you are for your teachers! Whether you’re in elementary or in college, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t celebrate Teacher’s Day! Given the current situation, it may be challenging to gather and celebrate together. As much as we’d want to celebrate in our classrooms with our classmates and teachers in person, we can’t. But, don’t let this stop you! Keep reading to discover some thoughtful and creative ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day apart, but together. 

1. Celebrate Virtually

celebrate virtually

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You can celebrate Teacher’s Day virtually with your classmates! Video calls have been the most common way nowadays to keep in touch with loved ones. Organize a virtual celebration with your classmates and surprise your teacher at the same time. Make it even more special by decorating your space. You can use a simple backdrop, some photobooth props, or color coordinate your clothes with your teacher’s favorite color! If you have the option to add a virtual background, put on matching backgrounds with your classmates. A virtual background with the words “Happy Teacher’s Day” would make it even more special.

Add more fun by including games in the celebration! You can never go wrong with virtual group games like Pictionary. Make it more personalized by playing a guessing game about your teacher’s favorite things like color, food, and more!  To add a dash of thoughtfulness as you celebrate Teacher’s Day, everyone can take turns saying a message of appreciation to your teacher to make him or her feel loved and appreciated. 

2. Create Meaningful Gifts

create meaningful gifts

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You can never go wrong with Teacher’s Day gifts like a “thank you” card and a handwritten letter. List down the different ways that your teacher has impacted your life and the many lessons that you’ll never forget. You can also let them know how much you appreciate the effort that they put to give you quality education, especially during these trying times. You can either buy a thank you card or completely make one from scratch! All you need are colored pens and markers, paper supplies of your liking, and even scrap book materials for some decor. Have these letters delivered to your teachers or send your message digitally through a messaging app! If you’re a parent and your child prefers to draw then write a letter, you can ask your child to draw a picture of them and their teacher. This is a great option for younger students. Just hand them crayons and paper, then let their imagination go free. Meaningful drawings hold just as much value as a written letter. Plus, it’s adorable to look at! You can even put it in a frame to make it more sentimental. These Teacher’s Day ideas will surely be appreciated! 

3. Continue Studying Hard

continue studying hard

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Nothing beats the satisfaction of being a teacher and seeing your student truly learning things and studying hard. Probably one of the best gifts that you can give to your teacher (yourself and parents, included) is to study hard by listening well in class. Participate in class discussions, do all your homework, meet deadlines, and review your lessons for quizzes and exams too! Teachers put in a lot of effort to prepare for every lesson. So seeing their students listening, participating, and learning from them will truly make all the hard work worth it! While you’re at it, make sure that you have all the Essential School Supplies For A Successful School Year

Celebrate Teacher’s Day this October 5!

Make October 5 this year even more memorable for your teachers by celebrating Teacher’s Day through the fun and thoughtful ways listed above. Teacher’s Day only happens once a year but you don’t need to wait around for this particular day to show how much you appreciate your teachers. Let your teachers know in your own special way how thankful you are for them. May it be a virtual celebration, a “thank you” letter or message, or studying hard, your teachers will surely appreciate the gesture – whether big or small. Celebrate well and stay safe! 


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