15 Best Ergonomic Chairs in the Philippines From ₱1,100

best ergonomic chairs

Struggling with a strained neck and aching lower back while working from home this period? It’s time to invest in some of the best ergonomic chairs to get you through eight-hour office days! You’ll want to pick the ones that provide handy features like lumbar support and equal weight distribution so your spine and back are looked after. Read on for features to look out for and some recommendations of the best ergonomic chairs in the Philippines!

What Should You Look Out For in an Office Chair?


When buying an ergonomic chair, it’s important that it conforms to the natural curvature of your back. While having four separate levers might be a bit over the top, seat adjustability can make all the difference! From tweaking the seat’s height to angling the backrest, the best office chairs guarantee optimal comfort by letting you make minute adjustments for all aspects.

Lumbar and lower back support

Experiencing lower back pain after long hours of sitting? That’s because sitting with your body slouched and shoulders hunched can place tremendous pressure on your lumbar region. Although back support for office chairs can be useful, it’ll be even better to look for office chairs in the Philippines with quality lumbar support. Besides relieving lower back pressure, ergonomic chairs with lumbar support also come with optimal curvature for proper posture.

Breathable material

Sometimes, it just takes one glance to know if a chair’s material is suitable for prolonged sitting. Although some of the best office chairs in the Philippines utilize leather upholstery and padding, these materials tend to obstruct airflow, causing heat and sweat to build up over time. To avoid such discomfort, look out for chairs with mesh-like materials that encourage airflow and regulate your body temperature.

Chair mobility

If you’re constantly dragging your chair along for impromptu meetings in the office, you’ll definitely appreciate a new office chair with easy maneuverability! While swivel mechanics are easily adjustable if the chair has the necessary levers, casters aren’t so simple. Our recommendation is to look out for wheels that fit your environment. Regardless of whether you’re rolling it along carpeted or concrete surfaces, you’ll want an ergonomic office chair that glides along smoothly!

Now that you’re well-equipped with knowledge on picking the best office chairs, here are our top picks!

Best Ergonomic Chairs For Unmatched Comfort

1. Aofeis Alpha ErgoChair 

aeofis ergo chair

Credit: Flexispot Philippines

If you have a boujee bum, you definitely need the Aofeis Alpha Ergo Chair. This product promises nothing less than supreme comfort. The beautiful bends of this office chair provide a continuous seat shell and deliver superb comfort. The chair’s molded foam and Korean mesh back is soft, breathable, and sturdy – making this a seat to tide through long work days. Your bum will thank you.

2. Qoncept Furniture Ethan Ergonomic Gaming Chair

qoncept ergo chair

Credit: Qoncept Furniture

Do you spend hours gaming after work? Then look out for the best ergonomic chair in the Philippines that doubles up as a gaming chair too. The Qoncept Ethan Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a good entry-level gaming chair for everyone. Featuring a built-in lumbar support and headrest, it helps you maintain an optimal sitting posture and protects your neck and wrists while you race to the finish line without causing additional strain to your neck and shoulders.

3. Z9 Elite Ergonomic Chair

Z9 elite ergo chair

Credit: Laptop Sensei

Don’t scrimp when it comes to investing in the best ergonomic chairs. The Z9 Elite Ergonomic Chair is another option that you should definitely consider. It boasts 3D armrests, lumbar support, adjustable height, plus a very cool mesh upholstery that is breathable, comfortable, and strong enough to last for years to come!

4. Stance Cradle Pro Ergonomic Office Chair

stance cradle ergo chair

Credit: Stance Philippines

If you’re looking for a mesh fabric chair, look no further than the Stance Cradle Pro Ergonomic Office Chair. Its contoured mesh back provides good breathability and airflow, perfect for those warm days. The chair also has an additional headrest attached for that neck and head support that you need. Plus, making it suitable to take a power nap on a humid afternoon.

5. Flokk HÅG Capisco 8106 Ergonomic Chair

flokk hag ergo chair

Credit: Flokk Official Store

Instead of using the usual foam padding and straight-line design, this Flokk HÅG Capisco 8106 Ergonomic Chair is a masterclass when it comes to the best ergonomic chairs in the Philippines! From aligning your pelvis and spine to dissipating body heat, this ergonomic chair pulls out all the stops to ensure buyers get maximum comfort. With all these incredible features and how aesthetic it looks, it’s no surprise why many consider the Flokk as one of the best ergonomic chair brands of the generation! This chair in particular has won a Red Dot Design Award, in case you aren’t convinced yet! 

6. Qoncept Furniture Harith Ergonomic Chair

qoncept harith ergo chair

Credit: Qoncept Furniture

The Qoncept Furniture Harith Ergonomic Chair features a chrome base that offers unmatched comfort. With the perfectly sized headrest, comfortable armrest, and mesh backrest, you’d get great breathability and a beautiful curve that follows the natural curvature of your spine. Long work days will be made better thanks to the comfort that this ergonomic chair brings! 

Best Ergonomic Chairs With Heavy Leather Padding

7. Amaia Leather Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

amaia ergo chair

Credit: Amaia Furniture

Can’t resist the temptation of sinking into a buttery leather chair? Well, it’d definitely be harder to do so with the Amaia Leather Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair! Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, the leather chair will make a fine addition to any office with its ultra-posh aesthetic and emphasis on plush cushioning. The chair also has a backrest extension, so you can unwind like a boss after a long day at work.

8. Ginza Ergonomic Gaming Chair

ginza ergo chair

Credit: Ginza Furniture

Love the design of the best gaming chairs but want something a design that’s more office-friendly? The Ginza Ergonomic Gaming Chair has you covered with its sleek black leather upholstery that prioritizes your comfort above all else. Thanks to its Carbon Fibre PU leather, 135-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation, and luxurious and high-quality upholstery – you’re in for a comfortable and cozy time on this throne! 

9. Raidmax Drakon Ergonomic Gaming Chair

raidmax ergo chair

Credit: Integrity Inc

Think plushy chairs can’t be ergonomic? Think again! This Raidmax Drakon Ergonomic Gaming Chair may look more suited for kicking back with a Netflix show or for your gaming sessions, but it’s also one of the best ergonomic chairs in the Philippines! This cushioned chair is carefully designed with pressure distribution and side thigh support in mind. It also features a thick padded ergonomic armrest that reclines too! We can’t think of a better companion to help you de-stress and unwind after a day of looking at the screen!

Best Ergonomic Chairs For Budget Shoppers

10. 4HOME Conference Swivel Ergonomic Chair 

4home ergo chair

Credit: 4Home

Achieve comfort without having to break the bank! The 4HOME Conference Swivel Ergonomic Chair is a very affordable office chair for everyday use. It has an adjustable armrest, 360-degree rotation and can support up to 100kg. The strong PU leather can provide cool and comfortable support for prolonged hours of sitting. This best ergonomic office chair in the Philippines also features a high-density sponge cushion for added support. On top of that, it comes in four different colors to make it easy for you to match your room’s aesthetics! 

11. Finelife Ergonomic Chair

finelife ergo chair

Credit: Finelife PH

Who could’ve thought that it’s possible to buy an ergonomic chair that screams comfort and unmatched support at an affordable price? The Finelife Ergonomic Chair is here to save your back and your bank! This ergonomic chair has a latex cushion that will help prevent body aches from occurring during long hours of sitting. With its simple yet modern design, this ergonomic chair will surely deliver on its promises. 

12. Qoncept Furniture Mesh Low Back Ergonomic Office Chair

qoncept mesh ergo chair

Credit: Qoncept Furniture

Don’t let first impressions fool you — the Qoncept Furniture Mesh Low Back Ergonomic Office Chair can definitely hold its own among the best office chairs despite its minimalist aesthetic and affordable price. Ditching complicated levers and armrests, Qoncept Furniture has designed a wonderful alternative to the usual office chair offerings. Its metal frame and polyester mesh fabric boasts a great maximum weight-bearing capacity, placing it leagues above other office chairs on the market! 

Best Ergonomic Chairs For Minimalists

13. Ergodynamic EHC-77P High Back Mesh Office Chair

ergodynamic chair

Credit: CostULess

The Ergodynamic EHC-77P High Back Mesh Office Chair comes in a sleek black color. Its minimalist design complements its ergonomic features, such as its pneumatic height adjustment, comfortable support design, and high-density seat, providing the perfect balance between comfort and style.

14. Aofeis PrimaChair MU Ergonomic Chair

aofeis primachair

Credit: Flexispot Philippines

If you’re particular about study room aesthetics, then you’ll have no issues with this Aofeis PrimaChair MU Ergonomic Chair  — it’ll complement any room design perfectly. Constructed with a mix of fabric and mesh, this is one of the most stylish office chairs that’ll keep you both cool and comfortable. You’ll also appreciate its reclinable backrest with lumbar support for that comfort and support that you deserve! 

15. Novus COW 505 Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

novus ergo chair

Credit: JAR Edge Technologies

On the hunt for an ergonomic chair that’s minimalist in style, affordable in price, and provides the much-needed support and comfort that you need? This Novus COW 505 Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair definitely hits all the marks! You won’t have to fear the hot, humid days because this chair comes with a breathable mesh seat and backrest that will leave you feeling fresh at all times. 

Say “Hello” to Increased Productivity and Good Posture With the Best Ergonomic Chairs

After using the best ergonomic chairs, you’ll definitely feel a pronounced difference in your productivity levels! Work hours will be made better thanks to these amazing chairs. You can also pair your office chairs with the best back support for office chairs. Don’t forget to take a break in between work with these 5 easy at home workouts

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