9 Best Dog Food Brands to Treat Your Adorable Puppers

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. That’s why we always have to treat our doggos and puppers to the best dog food brands. Keep them healthy, nutritious, and strong with good dog food! Giving your pets the best dog food will give them the energy to stay active and playful all throughout the day. There are a number of dog food brands to choose from in the market, but Shopee Philippines has amazing offers and deals on the best dog food brands. Keep on reading to see our top nine most recommended dog food brands to spoil your puppies.

Best Dog Food Brands for Your Fur Babies

Aozi Dog Food

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Aozi dog food is one of the best dog food brands because it does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. This organic dog food brand comes in different packages and sizes to suit your individual preferences and necessities for your dogs. Aozi dog food is packed with different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to give your puppers the energy boost that they need. This dog food brand also gives your puppies healthy skin and fur and boosts their immune system. Aozi dog food comes in two variants—lamb and apple, which have different health and nutritional benefits. The lamb variant is a good iron source for dogs, and it also helps improve their nervous system and gives immune support. On the other hand, the apple variant is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and it helps improve the gastrointestinal health of your dogs.

Holistic Dog Food

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Holistic dog food is another brand of dog food to opt for to give your puppies and doggos the best nutritional diet they need. This dog food brand comes in two variants—the Holistic Puppy Variant and Holistic Adult Dog Variant. The former is made specifically for puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs that require a certain nutritional value. While the latter one is made for adult dogs aged 1 and above. Both of these variants, however, contain ingredients such as green tea, lamb meal, and brewer’s rice. These brands are also created with a hypoallergenic formula that is used to give dogs the proper digestion they need.

Bow Wow Dog Food

Bow Wow dog food is a brand that is suitable for adult dogs. This brand is packed with nucleotides, vitamins, and minerals to give your dogs the support they need to go through the day. This brand enhances and improves your dog’s immune system and gives them healthy skin and a shiny coat. Treat your furry friends with the best quality dog food to show them your tender loving care!

Top Breed Dog Food

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Top Breed Dog Food prides itself in its slogan “top care, top value” in providing the best quality dog food for your favorite companions at home. Top Breed was made and formulated to give dogs the nutritional value they need for their overall well-being and health. This dog food brand does not only pride itself in its quality, but also in its delicious taste which will surely get the appetite of your doggos! Top Breed also features other dog care products such as dog shampoos and other dog essentials.

SuperDog Nutrition (SDN) Dog Food

SuperDog Nutrition (SDN) dog food is perfect for any breed, type, size, and life stage of your dog. It contains the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to give your loyal companion at home the best treat they rightfully deserve. This brand of dog food comes in 42% protein, packed with multivitamins, and live probiotics. This is for better digestion to give your dog the best dog food they can munch on all day long. This dog food brand comes in real meat protein and does not contain any plant-based protein. Your doggo will surely enjoy this treat!

Beef Pro Dog Food

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For puppers that require an extra boost of protein and vitamins, this dog food brand is a go-to option. Beef Pro dog food prides itself in the nutritional value it provides for different types of dogs because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. This brand also contains Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to give your fur babies shiny coats and healthy skin. Beef Pro Dog Food is also made with real beef. This will give your dogs the energy boost they need to get through the day. This brand will also surely satiate your doggo’s cravings. Your dogs will also love consuming this brand of dog food. This is because it is highly digestible since they come in small, chewable, bite-sized pieces. 

Good Boy Dog Food

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If your doggos are particularly choosy with the type of dog food they consume because of their specific breeds, lucky for you because Good Boy Dog Food has got you covered! This dog food brand recognizes the need for different types of dog food for different types of breeds. This is why they created and formulated different variants. The Good Boy Little Variant is one of the best puppy foods, perfect and suitable for smaller fur babies and pups. This contains lamb and beef meat to give them the nutrients they need to power through the day. This variant also comes with anti-tartar to give your adorable puppies healthier gums, stronger teeth, and fresher breath.

Made with pure beef, the Good Boy Original Variant is best for adult and bigger dogs which will give them the proper vitamins and minerals their body needs. The last variant is the Good Boy Puppy Variant, which is perfect for your smaller and younger doggos as it contains ingredients such as eggs, milk, and beef, perfect for puppies aged 18 months and younger to develop their growing teeth and bones. All of these variants come in different sizes to suit your individual needs and preferences!

Pedigree Dog Food

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Pedigree is one the best dog food brands for dog owners looking to treat their puppers to healthy treats. This dog food brand offers 100% nutritionally complete wet and dry food for both your puppy and adult dogs. We recommend the Pedigree® Dry Dog Food, which is made with lamb, beef, and vegetables. This is also packed with calcium and phosphorus for stronger and healthier bones and muscles for your doggos.

Pedigree also offers different dog treats to keep your doggos active and energetic all throughout the day! Whatever breed of dog you have at home, your doggos will surely enjoy the treats from Pedigree. These dog treats contain different types of vitamins, minerals, and ingredients. These will keep your fur babies strong and healthy. Spoil your dogs to the Pedigree® DentaStix® which are chewable and delicious to give your doggos when they’re being a good boy or girl!

IAMS Dog Food

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IAMS is a meat-based dog food that contains 25-29% quality protein, packed with fibers and fructo-oligo-saccharide (FOS) natural probiotic to give your dogs healthy digestion. IAMS has developed different variations of their dog food for different types, breeds, and life stages of dogs. For adult smaller dogs, you can opt for the IAMS Dry Dog Food Adult Small Breed, which is made with quality chicken protein and is rich in nutrients. For pregnant and baby dogs, IAMS has specially formulated IAMS Dry Dog Food Puppy which is dog food for pregnancy, lactation, and growth. This variation contains the same ingredients as the regular dog food. This is to give your dogs the carbohydrates and energy they need to power through the day!

You can ensure quality in IAMS dog food because this brand is carefully developed and produced with nutritionists and veterinarians. Get your hands on IAMS dog food through the Pedigree Official Store on Shopee Philippines at good deals and offers!

Treat your Doggos to the Best Dog Food Brands they Deserve!

Shopee Philippines offers a wide range and assortment of the best dog food brands for your favorite companions at home! Treat your doggos and furry friends with the best quality and nutritional meals. Get them to stay active and ready to face the entire day! Just like us, our dogs also need a proper and balanced diet. Through these seven best dog food brands, you will be able to give them the best treats that they deserve!

For other alternatives, check out Healthy Food for Dogs which features high-end brands as well as important vitamins in dog treats!


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