Feed Your Picky-Eating Puppers with these Appetite Boosters For Dogs

appetite booster for dogs

In a perfect world, our picky-eating dogs could speak and concerned dog owners like us wouldn’t be stressing over why they wouldn’t eat their meal. But since that’s far from ever happening, it’s up to us (and our dog’s vet) to figure out how to rekindle their interest in their dog food and go back to their normal eating habits. Lucky for us, there are several tried-and-true appetite booster for dogs that we can add to their diets. So let’s save you from worrying any longer with these appetite-boosting food and supplements below! Plus, we’re here to give you extra tips on how to boost your dog’s appetite just in time for their meals.

Appetite Booster For Dogs To End Your Dog-Feeding Woes

Appetite-Boosting Dog Food

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1. Food Toppers

Here’s one trend for pets you can’t miss trying on your dog – food toppers! Also known as dog food powder, these are powdered versions of dogs’ all-time favorite food like pork, chicken, beef, and organ meats such as liver and lungs. If your dogs are suddenly not interested in their usual dog food, one good reason is that they’re looking for flavor variety. With these dog food powders, you can simply sprinkle them on their food to add a much more exciting flavor and aroma! 

2. Probiotics

We’ve all come to love probiotic drinks not just for their taste but for their health benefits. But did you know that they’re safe to give your dogs and work as a good dog appetite enhancer too? Probiotics for your dog work by improving their digestion and correcting minor imbalances in their gut. And if your dog has a healthy appetite, their eating schedules should run like clockwork! Buy food or drinks with probiotics for your dog and make sure they don’t have artificial sweeteners to avoid stomach upset.

3. Rotisserie Chicken

Needless to say, dogs love chicken, especially when they’re grilled with a dog-friendly marinade! Aside from being delicious, rotisserie chicken has a smoky, mouthwatering aroma that will make even the pickiest dogs run to their dog food bowls. It’s best to mix shreds of this chicken with their regular dog food to encourage them to finish their meals. Be careful not to serve the skin and bones since they can cause digestive issues. Plus, double-check if your marinade doesn’t have any ingredients that are harmful to your dogs!

4. Herbs

Some herbs work as a natural dog appetite enhancer too, so go ahead and give them a try! Most pet owners pick garlic as dogs tend to be drawn to its smell and enjoy its taste. You can also try adding other appetite-enhancing herbs to their dog food such as ginger, celery seed, and peppermint.

Appetite-Boosting Dog Supplements

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Please consult your dog’s veterinarian before trying out a dog supplement.

1. Mirtazapine

With a vet’s prescription, mirtazapine is a powerful dog supplement to stimulate your dog’s appetite even if they refuse to eat anything. If your dog seems lethargic, this dog appetite stimulant also helps increase their serotonin levels and makes them more energetic. The more energy your dog burns, the more they’re going to feel the need to eat!

2. Liverolin Appetite Enhancer

Your dog’s liver plays a major role in digestion and is responsible for removing toxins from the body that could be causing their picky-eating issue. This is exactly why the Liverolin Appetite Enhancer continues to work wonders for several dogs! Made as a liver health supplement, this dog appetite stimulant enhances your dog’s liver function, blocks toxins from vaccinations and medications, and improves the absorption of nutrients from their dog food. As a popular dog vitamin for appetite among dog owners, you can’t miss giving the Liverolin Appetite Enhancer a try! 

3. Vitamin B 

Another potential reason why your dogs are getting more finicky with food is that they might be running low on Vitamin B. As an essential vitamin for their appetite, a proper dose of Vitamin B for your dogs will likely do the trick! Vitamin B for dogs mainly aids in digestion and is mostly found in chicken, beef, and turkey. To save you the cost of having to feed your dog with these meats on the regular, you can buy Vitamin B dog supplements and have them eat their usual dog food!

More Tips To Boost Your Dog’s Appetite

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1. Give your dogs enough exercise

An active dog burns more calories which they’ll likely feel the need to regain quicker! Plus, a happy dog is a healthy dog, and healthier dogs are inclined to eat regularly. 

2. Stick to a strict feeding schedule

Pick two exact times to feed your dog in a day and a consistent volume of dog food per meal. If they don’t finish the first meal, take it away and give the exact amount of dog food on their second meal without the leftovers. This will help discipline your dogs when feeding them and they’ll start treating food as a highly-valuable resource.

3. Avoid giving table food to your dog

If your dog finds the food you hand under the table better than what you give them in their bowls, they might lose interest during their meal time and wait for you to give them more table scraps again. Another reason to avoid giving table food is not everything we can eat are safe for dogs! 

4. Heat your dog’s wet food

One thing both dogs and humans can agree on is that warm food smells better and are more tempting to eat. So try heating their wet dog food before putting it in the bowl!

5. Bring your dog to the vet for a check-up!

If their picky-eating stage lasts longer than a week after trying several appetite boosters for dogs above, take them on a trip to the vet. This is important to rule out any medical conditions that might be causing their reduced appetite. Your vet will recommend a dog vitamin for their appetite that is aligned with their medical needs!

Get Your Dogs Excited For Meal Time With Appetite Booster For Dogs!

With the tried and tested appetite booster for dogs and dog feeding tips above, your pooch will surely keep coming back for more food in no time! Always seek a veterinarian’s advice for any changes you want to make to your dog’s diet. Check out the best dog food brands or try out the new and exciting raw dog food diet to give your puppers the best-tasting meal every day!

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