Where to Go this Weekend: Best Budget Travel Destinations Near Manila


Let the Philippines surprise you with sensational landscapes and remarkable coastlines. These breathtaking sceneries are what make you thirst for more exhilarating adventures. Sometimes, we all need a breath of fresh air from the monotonous life in the bustling city.

You know what’s the best part? You don’t need to wait for the next seat sale to book your flight. Just one bus ride or a laid back car ride with your best buds can give you the thrill of escape you’ve been longing for. We have seven astonishing destinations for you that’s just a few hours away from the Metro to get that quick fix!

7 Places to Travel to for a Quick Trip Out of the City



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Maysawa Circuit is a newly discovered hiking destination located at the foothills of Sierra Madre. In less than a year, it has become a hiker’s favorite. When I reached the first peak, I immediately understood why. It offers everyone a good view of the sunrise, not to mention that it is also famous for its sea of clouds, luscious greenery also greets each giddy one even from the start of the trek. The twin dayhike possesses a charm that every wander-eyed hiker would definitely long for. . Too bad though, I sustained a knee injury while I was still on my way up the first mountain, Mt. Sapari. The tour guide and my friends thought that it’d be better for me to just finish it and head back to the trailhead to rest and just wait for everyone to finish. It was the first time that I got injured AND also the first time that I didn’t get to finish a hike. It was saddening, but eventually I realized that most good and beautiful things oftentimes need to be waited upon. . Don’t worry tho, I’ll come back for the better half.

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If you’re itching for some quick adventures without spending too much, Rizal got you covered with lush mountains & calming waterfalls. Truly a weekend well spent!

Nueva Ecija


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Live stream-ing ?

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If mountain hiking and trekking isn’t for you, you can try this quick trip to Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija. Tucked 3-4 hours away from Manila, you can find yourself enjoying various activities that this park can offer. This protected area claimed to fame due to its river that’s flowing clear and clean, rock formations, and cave exploration. With its cooling waters, taking a plunge will sure give you a refreshing experience.



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Falling out, falling in ?

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With summer fast-approaching, the excruciating heat of the sun is definitely unbearable. Want to feel instantaneously invigorated? Laguna waterfalls is the answer!


Unleash the fish in you in the crystalline waters of Batangas! Feel alive at the depths of the ocean with the vibrant view of the marine life. Fret not because it’s just about 3 hours away from the urban jungle!



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Travelling and exploring places have always been therapeutic for me. The serenity that each place offers me is such a great help in boosting my journey towards healing. . . I’m so thankful that I was introduced to backpacking. I had one constant travel buddy way back in 2015 and he, through the experiences that we went through, taught me the lifestyle that is simple and stripped off of all luxuries. But nonetheless amazing. . . Fast forward to 4 years and tons of travel buddies later, here I am enjoying all the simple joys that backpacking has to offer. Sleeping in hammocks, cooking your own meals, riding buses in the middle of the night and waking up to sunrises in window panes–these are little details of this life that has paved way sparking joy in me. God’s creation is certainly unceasingly amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. ✨

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Be one with the waves of Zambales. It’s the most accessible surf spot near the Metro! Plus, the neighboring spectacular islands and impeccable mountains are to die for too! It’s a full experience, indeed!



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enjoying Natsu Lagoon!

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Skip the usual stroll in the mall. Opt for some natural backdrop that will ease your mood. Have you explored Bataan yet? You will feel ecstatic about their quiet beaches and distinctive rock formations.


You don’t have to wonder where to go to this weekend with this list of incredible places just a few hours away from Manila! The most ideal road trip with your barkada is breathing fresh air, picturesque view, and the most entertaining playlist. Good vibes all the way!

There you have it! Call your friends, pack your bags, and get ready for an amazing weekend. Kickstart your summer vacation with these Top 7 Weekend Getaways from Manila! Don’t forget to bring summer essentials!
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