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best productivity apps for students

They say that in this digital age, distraction is just one click away! But did you know that success and productivity could be one click away too? Trying to multitask workloads and meeting a huge amount of deadlines is indeed a challenging task! Luckily, there are the best organizing apps and best productivity apps for students out there that aim to quiet the noise and free up mental space. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an Android or an Apple user because these free organizing apps and free productivity apps are available for your daily use! These will help you stay on track and accomplish goals. By having everything you require at your fingertips, you will be able to save time, effort, and frustration. Read on to discover free productivity apps for students that serve as a smart strategy to boost your productivity and guarantee that you have enough time to maintain a balanced life.

Achieve Productivity in One Click With These Best Productivity Apps for Students 2023  

1. Notion

Whether you’re looking for a journal, a tracker, a note-taking device, a project management or database tool, or a to-do-list tool, Notion is one of the best productivity apps for students that offer such a package! Holding the flagship as one of the best organizing apps on the internet, Notion is very powerful and customizable. 

You can definitely do a lot of things with Notion. You can store documents, PDFs, images, and even videos on the app while structuring it based on what works for you. Notion is a multipurpose workspace that keeps you organized. It also lets you take notes, create tasks, manage projects, and do other things. Notion offers the building blocks, but you may design your own workspaces and toolbox to complete tasks. This app enables teams and individuals to organize their projects, tasks, and objectives. With the help of this workspace, you can write in a lovely, uncluttered environment, create your own personal wiki (with an unlimited number of content layers), plan using a kanban view, a calendar, or a straightforward list view, and last but not least, capture workflows and keep track of everything by using spreadsheets and databases. 

Aside from that, Notion encourages team productivity as it offers real-time communication, including the ability to share, comment on, and assign tasks and reminders. Plus, Notion is accessible! It’s among the productivity apps for students on Windows and productivity apps for iPhone or iPad. It is indeed a great productivity app for Android and Apple users. 

2. Todoist

According to the Forbes Report 2022, Todoist is one of the best organizing apps and to-do list applications available. It also functions as a powerful project management tool – making it simple to set up, oversee, and keep track of projects and tasks.

You can centralize your work in one place with Todoist. Connect it to your email, calendars, and important files in just a few easy steps. This will help you see tangible progress as you can also set daily and weekly goals, and visualize your productivity trends. 

Todoist is available for download on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and mobile programs (Android, iPhone and iPad). You can install the app on your Apple or Android watch to keep track of chores while you’re on the move, or you can add it as an extension to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The app has a free interface that you can use or pay for the best upgrade for the best productivity apps for Android and Apple alike. 

3. Evernote

A vast number of people utilize one of the best note taking apps – Evernote. It has developed a strong reputation among professionals and students. This app is frequently used by people for both personal and professional purposes. More simple text may be found in Evernote and you can even connect to web material and include rich media like audio and image files. With Evernote, you can create tables, set reminders, and synchronize your calendars. 

It also has a presentation mode feature! You can access this feature by clicking the play button icon, which is located above the alarm clock icon. Everything looks tidy in presentation mode, and there are a few options for how it’s displayed. You may select for an automatic arrangement, have the note divided into slides with horizontal lines, or have screen breaks removed.

Evernote has a task management system too. It is renowned for having a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functionality for note taking apps. Since it makes it easy to effectively collect, organize, and find notes, the majority of users continue to use it. Additionally, it syncs data across many devices and interfaces with outside software. Upon download, the note taking apps’ onboarding tutorials make it simple to get started using it. Even the more complex features are simple to understand. Almost all functions are available from the main tab, and other sections are accessible by opening the side menu bar.

The fundamental capabilities you’ll need for note taking and organizing apps for personal use are covered by Evernote’s free plan. You’ll have to upgrade your account if you want extra storage space or access to premium features.

4. GoodNotes


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Goodnotes is a bonus note taking app and one of the best productivity apps for iPad and other Apple products. This is considered as one of the best note taking apps and best productivity apps in the App Store that makes ditching your physical notebooks really worth it.  

Goodnotes is impressive and customizable. This organizing apps supports a wide range of paper sizes in both portrait and landscape orientations. There are three color options for each template: white, yellow, or dark. If you don’t like the templates provided by the software, you may import and save your own to the library of templates. The software also offers the option of not using any notebook covers. On GoodNotes, you may also take images or scan documents from Files.

Fountain, ball, and brush pens are available at GoodNotes. Each may be customized by changing its thickness, color, and occasionally even pressure sensitivity and tip sharpness. Only three pen colors and thicknesses can be stored on the toolbar at once. So if you use a lot of pens, it might not be enough; you’ll occasionally need to try to replace some of them. 

The handwriting experience in GoodNotes is a fan favorite!. No latency exists and palm rejection is flawless. When you place your hand on the screen, you won’t make any unintended marks.

Boost Your Efficiency and Competency With The Best Productivity Apps for Students 2023! 

This 2023, we are all for the agenda of knowledge building, improving mental health, and boosting productivity and efficiency for the purpose of success. Stay focused and motivated without stressing yourself out. It is time to build healthy productivity habits and create an efficient routine that works for you with these free productivity apps and free organizing apps for students. 

With these free productivity apps for students on Windows, productivity apps for iPad, and productivity apps for Android and Apple alike – you get to level up your efficiency. This 2023, we say no to procrastination with the best organizing apps and best productivity apps for students. 

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