Choosing The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

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The Philippines is a crazy hot country to live in! We usually try to beat the heat with a dip in the pool or a long drive to the beach, but sometimes we have to deal with it at home. We wish for rainy days, even if that brings wet shoes and wet pant legs because the heat is too overbearing. Yet even with rain, we first have to endure the heavy, humid air. This is a perfect example of considering your air conditioner to be your best friend. If you don’t have an air conditioner already, it’s time to invest in one! There are a lot of different types to choose from. We’ve made a short list on how to choose the best air conditioner for your home.

3 Different Types of Air Conditioners

The best air conditioner depends on your room layout. Here’s the lowdown on the bestselling aircon types:

1. Window Air Conditioner

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The window aircon is by far the most popular type of aircon unit. As its name suggests, you need to install this by a window, but it’s a simple installation process that anyone can do! The downside is that because it’s a small box-type unit, it can usually only keep a single room cold. While this type of aircon is one of the cheaper options, the cooling capacity is only enough for a single room. If you want an air conditioner in your bedroom, this is a great option for you!

2. Portable Air Conditioner

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The portable aircon is the best air conditioner option for anyone looking for a quick way to cool down at the lowest price point. You may not get the same cooling effect as a window type, but this is still a suitable option for beating the heat fast. Since it’s portable, you can take it wherever you choose to hang around. No matter where you are, a portable aircon means you won’t have to buy different units for each room. With one air conditioner, you can beat the heat anywhere in your home! If you’re considering a portable aircon, you could look into air coolers as well.

3. Split Type Air Conditioner

split type aircon

Credit: Pexels / Jonathan Borba

A split aircon may be expensive, but it also has a larger cooling capacity. You can keep larger rooms cool with this kind of aircon! Split types are also usually mounted onto a high wall, giving your room a more elegant look. People like the split type because it’s supposed to be noiseless! You can keep your room cool with no loud whirring sounds. You pay a premium price for the split type because of its inverter technology. This technology is actually what makes people choose this, even if it’s costly. They design these inverters to be energy efficient, so you save more on your electricity in the long run!

What’s the Best Air Conditioner?

There is no hard set rule to the best air conditioner. There are many more factors to take into consideration. Energy efficiency, cooling capacity, maintenance, and of course, the price! Buying a new aircon is an investment, but it’s one that you definitely won’t regret. If you’re looking for a sign to make the decision for you, you’re in for a treat! You can use the voucher code GADGETZONE8 for 8% OFF your new air conditioner! For other options aside from those mentioned above, check out the American Home Appliances Sale for exciting deals on the trusted brand!

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