Welcome The Summer With A Beachcapade Near Manila!

It's not summer without a trip to the beach!
beaches near manila

Summer is definitely one of the most anticipated times of the year. With the scorching heat and humidity that it comes with, a trip to the beach seems like the perfect idea! And it certainly is! Beat the heat with a trip to some of the best beach resorts near Manila for a weekend getaway. Bury your toes in the sand, cool your body in the glistening waters, and spend some quality time with family and friends while you’re at it! To help you plan your beachcapade this summer, we’ve put together a list of some of the best beaches near Manila that will kickstart your summer on a high note! No need to search for “beaches near me” online, because we’ve got you covered. Get ready to take a day trip to a beach near Manila or pack for an overnight trip this summer. 

5 Beaches Near Manila for the Perfect Summer Weekend Getaway 

1. La Union

One of the surfing hotspots in the Philippines is none other than La Union or LU, as many who frequent the place call it. Known for its nightlife, surfing culture, and beautiful beaches, La Union has become a go-to destination for those looking for a place of relaxation and a place for recreational activities.

Where to Go: Urbiztondo Beach is one of the popular beaches in La Union for surfing, trying different dishes, and experiencing the nightlife. For people who are looking for an alternative adventure, you may want to visit Tangadan Falls instead to trek through the scenic trail and look for perfect spots to experience cliff jumping – with the help of a guide! Thunderbird Resort and Casino is the perfect place to experience the wonderful architecture in Greece without even having to leave the country. Get ready for a never-ending pictorial in this resort because of how picturesque everything is! Plan the perfect weekend getaway at La Union!

Travel Time: By private car, it may take four to six hours from the Metro. By public transportation, it would take around five to eight hours, depending on where you are coming from.

Expected Budget: Around ₱5,000-₱7,000 for three days
Best Months to Visit: March-May; October-March

2. Baler

Hailed as the birthplace of Philippine Surfing, Baler is known as the prime destination to go to for a great surfing experience. Because of its location, Baler is one of the best places to appreciate beautiful sunrises which is the perfect way to start the day! 

Where to Go: Sabang Beach remains a popular destination for surfers. With the many nearby hostels, it’s relatively easy to find accommodations (save for the peak season). Sabang beach is also a great spot for watching sunsets. For those who are looking for white sand beaches near Manila, you can skip Sabang Beach and head on over to Dicasalarin Cove. A major plus is that it also has access to Baler Lighthouse! After climbing up a grueling number of 170 steps, revel in the view when you reach the top! This is definitely a place you should visit during the long weekend after a stressful week at work.

Travel Time: By private car, it may take four to six hours. By public transportation, it would take around seven to nine hours, depending on where you are coming from.

Expected Budget: Around ₱3,000-₱4,000 for three days
Best Months to Visit: March-May; October-Feb

3. Bicol


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Aside from being the home to the sublime, cone-shaped Mayon Volcano, Bicol is also now known for its beautiful beaches, dream dive spots, and majestic mountains. Get ready for a weekend getaway that you’ll never forget! 

Where to Go: Located in Camarines Sur, Caramoan Island is a dream come true for those looking for an adventure by the sea. With its diverse marine life, limestone cliffs, and pristine beaches, it is a wonder that not many people know about Caramoan Island. This hidden gem is perfect for those who desire an unforgettable kayaking, scuba, or snorkeling experience. If you are looking for the pristine beaches of Boracay, you should visit Calaguas Island. With its fine sand and blue waters, it is the ideal tropical paradise for those looking for a place of respite during a beach weekend getaway. 

Travel Time: It would take around 9 to 11 hours by private car. By public transportation, it would take around 11 to 15 hours to get to the destination.

Expected Budget: Around ₱5,000-₱7,000 for three days
Best Months to Visit: March-May

4. Batangas

Easily one of the most popular weekend getaways near Manila, Batangas truly deserves a spot on the list thanks to its white sand beaches near Manila, relaxing ambiance, and beautiful sunsets to end the day. If you want a day trip to a beach near Manila, this is the place for you! 

Where to Go: For those who’ve always wanted to try out diving, Anilao Awari Bay Resort is the best place to go. They offer diving courses for beginners and it’s near MatuPoint which is a popular diving spot! Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa is another beach resort near Manila that has its very own white sand beach and it’s nearby Batangas’ waterfalls and rivers, perfect for adventurers! No need to go all the way to Boracay for its white sand beach with Batangas just around the corner! 

Travel Time: Two to three hours by private car. Four to five hours by public transportation, depending on where you’re coming from. 

Expected Budget: ₱7,000-₱10,000 for three to four days
Best Months to Visit: March-May 

5. Zambales

Zambales is home to some of the most beautiful beaches near Manila that have white sands, exciting water activities, and mouthwatering food. Gear up for the summer weekend getaway you’ve been dreaming of when you go to Zambales! 

Where to Go: All Hands Beach is the go-to destination for those who love to jet ski, ride a banana boat, and even kayak! Top it off with their vast inflatable island and you’re set to have a fun time here. Experience a different overnight accommodation by the beach in Crystal Beach Resort’s comfy nipa-hut cabanas! You can also discover the beauty of a white sandbar on Magalawa Island, Zambales. Take a break from city life and treat yourself to a relaxing and fun weekend getaway in Zambales! 

Travel Time: By private car, four to five hours. By public transportation, five to six hours, depending on where you’re coming from 

Expected Budget: ₱5,000-₱7,000 for three to four days
Best Months to Visit: November-May

The Best Beaches Near Manila Are Calling Your Name! 

What are you waiting for? Find a “beach near me” from the list above and get ready to pack your bags. Embark on a new adventure and plan your beach weekend getaways in the best beaches near Manila! Beach weekend getaways in the best beach resorts in Manila are easily the best way to spend your summer. 

With the summer heat, make sure to have the best sunscreen for your face and body, along with beach essentials that can’t go missing. Don’t forget your OOTDs too! Check out these best beach outfits for some fashion inspos. 

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