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🌞 SKIN1004 MADAGASCAR CENTELLA TONE BRIGHTENING CAPSULE AMPOULE 100ml 🌞 🌈 It's a whitening ampoule that brings back the light of your skin Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Capsule Ampoule 🌈 Brightening Patent Components Made White TM Put the patented ingredients from Madagascar's bottleneck into the capsule! 🌈 Madagascar's bottleneck Strong soothing care from quality Centella Asiatica grown in a clean climate 🌈 Whitening concentration ampoule It's a triple complex that brightens up your skin! 🌈 a water ampoule without slips It's a high concentration ampoule, but it absorbs quickly with a light feel ⭐ Brightening Patent Ingredients in Beads MadeWhite TM 💛 It's from the extract from Madagascar It's a patented brightening ingredient containing madecasoside It takes care of your skin with clean and clear skin. Put high content of MadeWhite™ in beads Brightening effect It's completely delivered to the skin. 💛 MadeWhite™ increases stability, It's a brightening ingredient that reduces skin irritation It's also good for sensitive skin. 💛 If your skin is sensitive and high functional whitening care is burdensome? Whitening X Soothing = Skin 1004 Tone Brightening It's good for calming your skin. It's also good for your skin It's easy to use even for sensitive skin NEW TONE BRIGHTENING LINE is born! ⭐ Sensitive skin is okay too Strong soothing care Skin 1004 Signature Ingredients extract from Madagascar It contains high-purity Madagascar extract It soothes sensitive skin comfortably, It strengthens the skin barrier. ⭐ Ample restaurant If Skin 1004 makes it It's different. It brightens up the skin Whitening concentration ampoule is born! 💕 Triple Complex for Brightly Shining Each ingredient that brightens your skin tone With more and more powerful synergy It quickly takes care of your skin with bright skin. 💕 slightly acidic pH for healthy skin the closest to healthy skin Balance your skin with a slightly acidic pH It takes care of your skin's protective layer. ⭐ TEXTURE Tight water type that absorbs quickly The MadeWhite™ beads on the skin It melts smoothly and has a moist water type ampoule It's absorbed into the skin without any slips It takes care of your skin with sticky and bright skin. ⭐ select ingredients and ingredients niacinamide Food and Drug Administration Whitening Functional Notification Ingredients Betaine, Lactobacillus fermented product Skin barrier care Xylethylglucoside, Anhydrosylitol, xylitol AQUAXYL, Moisturizing ⭐ How to Use I'm going to use a dropper to take out an appropriate amount of ampoule Spread gently all over your face. 💛 CHECK LIST before purchase 1. If you're worried about blemished skin tone 2. If you want to make your skin moist and bright 3. Who wants to take care of SKIN1004's skin troubles if one is applicable It's time to use the Tone Brightening Capsule Ampoule. 🌈It's a popular product in Korea Aesthetic 🌈All products are 100% genuine 🌈All products

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