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MeToo Probiotic Mouthwash/Antibacterial Long-lasting Fresh Mouthwash +MeToo Teeth Whitening Powder
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Brand,Oral Care Benefits

💖Clinically proven, MeToo mouthwash can effectively kills oral germs,MeToo mouthwash helps keep your breath fresh all day long

✅Single Person Suit:

Mouthwash*3 + Whitening Tooth Powder*1

✅Couple Suit:

Mouthwash*5 + Whitening Tooth Powder*2

✅Daily Suit:

Mouthwash*1 + Whitening Tooth Powder*1

✅One Week Kit

Mouthwash*2 + Whitening Tooth Powder*1

✅Family Oral Wellness Set:

Whitening Tooth Powder/1 Box + Mouthwash/1 Bottle + Strawberry mouthwash/1 Bottle


● Brand:Metoo

● Provides a deeper clean, healthier gums and less plaque

Mild tasting with 6 mouth-cleaning and protective benefits: (1) Fresh breath, (2) Protects and maintains healthy gums, (3) Reduces plaque, (4) Prevents cavities, (5) Reduces tartar buildup, ( 6) Kills 99.9% of bacteria that cause bad breath

● Keep your breath fresh for 12h

● Suitable for the crowd: all people

● 100% new quality

● Flavor:Lemon Mouthwash

● Metoo's Probiotic Mouthwash tastes like juice, tastes great, and makes rinsing a treat!

● Improve your oral health from now on, Metoo brings you a confident smile!

✅Keep your breath fresh for 12h

✅Strengthens teeth and helps prevent cavities

✅Helps maintain healthy gums

✅Helps reduce plaque formation

✅Helps keep teeth naturally white by preventing tartar build-up

✅Kills 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gum problems

✅Quick oral cleansing in 15s

✅ Freshens breath

✅ Fruity Breath with just 1shot

🔸Rich in ADP-1 probiotic

🔸There are many bacteria in the mouth. Brushing your teeth can only clean 25% of the area of the mouth. To protect oral health, brushing your teeth is not enough!

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