Cofoe 2 in 1 Forehead & Ear Non-Contact Thermometer Electronic Digital Handed IR Temperature for Baby Adult Fever Measuring
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⭐Forehead/Ear temperature mode

Cofoe thermometer is intelligently upgraded

It can be switched between ear temperature and forehead mode

The ear temperature mode is suitable for the baby (recommended for more than 6 months) use

The forehead temperature mode is widely used, and the whole family is suitable for both young and old

⭐Forehead temperature mode---with the lid on

⭐Ear temperature mode------take off the lid

⭐Imported German sensor Quick and accurate

Cofoe thermometer adopts a sensor imported from Germany, which can receive infrared rays released by the human body in a short time, accurately and quickly collect multiple temperature data, and measure the temperature of the human body quickly

⭐LCD Backlight screen

It can be seen clearly at night

Large screen and large font for easily reading

Backlight night vision function

⭐Three colors backlight for fever warning

Body temperature ≧37.8℃,red backlight is on

37.3℃≧Body temperature <37.8℃,blue backlight is on

Body temperature ≦37.2℃,green backlight is on

Green color:Normal body temperature

Blue color:High body temperature

Red color:Fever

⭐Multiple Functions

Not only can measure temperature of forehead and ear,but also can measure temperature of water,milk,food and so on


Product name:Infrared thermometer

Memory storage:Storage measuring date is available

Measuring method:Oscillography

Display: LCD

Auto-off:In 60s

Memory: 50 sets of memory values

Power voltage:DC3V(2 sections of AAA batteries) (battery not included)

Clinical accuracy:Clinical bias:±0.3℃

【Use steps】

Forehead Temperature Measure

1.Cover transition system

2.Align the forehead and press the measurement button

3.The measurement was completed with a beep sound

Ear Temperature Measure

1.Remove transition system

2.Insert the ear canal and press the measure button

3.The measurement was completed with a beep sound

Ambient Object Temperature Measure

1.Cover transition system

2.long press "setting button to blue color backlight

3.Align the object and press the measurement button to measure the temperature

⭐Temperature mode:Backlight with Three Different Color⭐

*Green 34-37.3 degrees Celsius; 99.2 - 99.14 degrees Fahrenheit

*Orange 37.4-38.0 degrees Celsius; 99.32 - 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit

*Red 38.1-42.9 degrees Celsius; 100.58 - 107.42 degrees Fahrenheit

Measure range:Body temperature, object temperature also can.

⭐The normal body temperature reference value provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Forehead temperature 35.8℃-37.8℃

Cochlear temperature 35.8℃~38℃

Axillary temperature 34.7℃-37.3℃

Oral temperature 35.5℃-37.5℃

Anus temperature 36.6℃~38℃

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