Cofoe Medical Rechargeable Nebulizer Portable Mini Ultrasonic Handheld Mesh Inhaler Atomizer Coughing Phlegm Machine for Asthma Kids Adult
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USB charging design

Can be recycled use

Quiet and comfortable

Fanless design, quiet operation

Fine particles

Micron particles, easy to absorb

Small and portable

Good effect and small size

One-click operation

One-button switch, simple and convenient

Two atomization modes

Adapt to different atomization needs


Brand :Cofoe

Product model:KF-WHQ-601B

Working frequency: 110±10KHz

Medicine cup capacity: 8ml±0.5ml

Atomization rate: ≥0.2mL/min

Maximum noise: ≤50dB (A)

Maximum water temperature in medicine cup: ≤60 ℃

Input power: 5VA

weight:Input power: 5VA

shape size:42×40×100mm

Children's mask size: 100 × 60 × 70mm

Adult mask size: 140 × 80 × 80mm

Mouthpiece size: 53.4 × 36 × 26mm

【Charging matters】

1. The atomizer is "fully charged" and then atomized before use

2. Do not use "full charge" and store for a long time

Charging is to prevent the atomizer from running out of power during use.Low battery protection will delay the use of atomizer

【Use matters】

1. After each use, the nebulizer must be cleaned to prevent drug residues from blocking the hole

2. The host can not be cleaned, and prevent water from entering the host

3. After washing, mineral water or physiological saline should be used for spray test machine, and pure water is not allowed

4. After each use, you need to sterilize the medicine cup, medicine cup cover, spray interface, mouthpiece, atomizing mask and other components

5. Please read the instructions carefully or follow the doctor's instructions before use

【Packing list】

【Free Gift】1pc Adult mask

【Free Gift】1pc Children's mask

【Free Gift】1pc Mouthpiece

【Free Gift】1pc Data cable

【Free Gift】1pc Instructions

【Free Gift】1pc Certificate of conformity

【Free Gift】1pc Product packaging

1pc Piezo mesh Nebulizer

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