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Bactidol Extra Soothing Honey Lemon Lozenge 16pcs for On-The-Go, Sore Throat, Itchy Throat
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Brand,Medical Functions

- The power of Bactidol is now in easy-to-bring lozenges.

- Convenient and affordable to provide relief from sore throat viruses before it worsens to a cough, cold or flu.

- Available in delicious orange and honey lemon flavors

- Available in pack of 8s and 16s


Bactidol Extra Soothing Lozenges provides flavorful and convenient relief from sore throat. Comes in Orange and Honey Lemon Flavor. Available in packs of 8 and 16 Lozenges.

Taking Lozenges is a convenient, affordable option for symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis, irritation or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and relief of unpleasant postoperative sensation in the throat.


The daily recommended dose is 1 lozenge every 2-3 hours with a maximum daily dose of 8 lozenges. Dissolve one lozenge slowly in the mouth. Do not chew or swallow the lozenge whole.

Store at temperatures not exceeding 30oC.


Each Lozenge contains: 1.2 mg of 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol, and 600 mcg Amylmetacresol.


Bactidol is a brand of sore throat solution products.

It provides superior efficacy and is the no. 1 doctor-prescribed sore throat solution in the Philippines.


This product should not be used during pregnancy or lactation unless the potential benefit of the treatment to the mother outweighs the possible risks to the developing fetus or nursing infant. Ask a physician before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Use in children: Not to be administered for children below 6 years of age.

If symptoms persist or worsen, or if new symptoms occur, stop use and consult your doctor.

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