Total TT5006-2 Electric HVLP Spray Gun (Aluminum Can)
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Specifications Power: 500W Max Flow: 850ml/min Spraying Pressure 0.1 - 0.2 bar Max Viscosity 50 DIN-s Container Capacity 800ml The device works according to low pressure spraying technique. A high volume of air surround the spray jet being ejected under low pressure. The air cap provides a very fine atomization with the lowest of spray mist. The coating material is applied to the object quickly and exactly. Moreover, the airflow shortens the drying time for the coating material. This gives perfect spraying result with a respective saving of coating material and is therefore good for the environment. Materials which can be used Solvent containing and water-dilutable enamel paints, varnishes, primers,two-component paint, clear enamels, motor vehicle enamels, mordants and wood preservatives. Materials which cannot be used Wall paints (emulsions) etc., lyes and acid coating materials. Viscosity Table Coating material viscosity DIN-S Solvent-base paints 15-50 Primer 25-50 Pickling undiluted 2 Kompnenten paint 20-50 Vernishes 15-40 Waterborne paints 20-40 Automotive topcoats 20-40 Wood preservatives undiluted Accessories: 1x Viscosity Measuring Cup 1x Nozzle Cleaning Needle 1x Shoulder Strap

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