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Glock 17, 18 Paddle Holster with Double Mag Case for Right Handed Fobus Holster Fit for Cal. G-L-O-C-K17 Only
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Product details of Fobus holster GLOCK 17 Ta cti cal Gu.n Case RH Pis-tol Maga-zine Paddle Holster G17 Accessorie Fobus holster GLOCK 17 Ta-cti-cal Gu.n Case RH Pis-tol-Maga-zine Paddle Holster G17 Accessories -newarrival -holster -glockholster -onhandstock -readytoship *Welcome to our store. All our products are sold at low prices and ensure quality. If you need them, please feel free to buy them. If you are satisfied with our products, please give 5-star praise. Thank you very much!

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