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30% OFF DISCOUNT Crystal Infinity UA Derm Spray 50ml Skin Lightening Deodorant Helps reduce chicken skin and excessive hair growth BENEFITS TO YOUR SKIN : ✅ Provides 48hrs protection from odor and bacteria. ✅ Antiperspirant ✅ Anti-hair ✅ Anti-chicken skin ✅ Whitening ✅ 100% No Harmful Ingredients ✅ Pregnant and Lactating Woman Friendly ✅ Proven Safe And Very Effective ✅ Helps you minimize UA damage due to plucking waxing and shaving ✅ Softens and minimizes underarm lines ✅ FDA Approved HOW TO USE UA DERM : 1. After Bath Spray it on your Under Arm on the desired area. 2. .Rub it to your skin in a circular motion and massage your Under Arm. 3. Do it for 1-2 mins and let it dry

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