e-Gizmo Physics Electrical Package 2 with DMM
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This set is a custom parts kit prepared for classroom experiments specific to the teacher/school requirement. Hence, this product contains no documentation. Order this product only at your teacher's advice -otherwise, this kit may not be useful. If you are a teacher, we will be happy to prepare a parts kit specific to your student's needs. Please contact us for more details. Physics Electrical Package 1 This kit contains the following components: Resistors ( All are 1/4w, 5% tolerance unless indicated) 2x 10R 2x 100R 2x 510R 2x 750R 2x 10K 2x 100K 4x 1K 4x 3K 2x 300R 4x 10M 1x 330R 1%t Precision 2x 620R 2x 1M Trimmer Resistors 1x 10K (103) 1x 2k (202) Others 1x AWG22 solid wire Red 1x AWG22 solid wire Black 1x 400points breadboard 1x Battery Case 1xAA 1x Battery Case 2xAA 1x DT-830B Digital Multimeter 1x 9V Battery

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