Community Rules

We want to build a friendly and positive community here at Shopee! Our Community Rules serve as a guideline for all buyers and sellers to preserve a safe environment for shopping and selling on-the-go. Go through these do’s and don’ts when using our platform. By using Shopee, you agree to our Terms of Service found here.


We are committed to keeping our community safe with everybody’s effort.


The Do’s


1. Sell, not advertise

Shopee is designed as a venue to assist transactions between buyers and sellers, and not a platform for advertisements. You should only list products that you are intending to sell on Shopee.


Here are some examples of advertising:

2. Make your listing shine

No buyer will be interested in a listing that has poor quality photos. Flaunt your photography skills and create some quality shots, check out our tips here

Aside from that, be honest! Give your product an accurate and detailed description. Nobody likes a nasty surprise when it comes to making a purchase. Being truthful will increase your chances of obtaining positive ratings and reviews from your buyers.

3. Be respectful

We want to foster a safe environment for people to enjoy mobile shopping. Keep your content clean and suitable for everyone. This means no vulgar language, hate messages, or spam. As a community in Shopee, we urge all users to treat each other with kindness and respect. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, follow the guidelines here to ensure smooth transactions for everyone!

4. Maintain an excellent selling record 

Create a good customer experience by being attentive and responsive to your buyers' needs. Happy buyers are more likely to make repeat purchases and give you a positive seller rating.

Keep your selling record clean by maintaining sufficient stock and by shipping orders on time to reduce unnecessary cancellations, returns, and refunds. To ensure a great experience for all users, Shopee may send a caution to sellers with poor selling records. In some cases, Shopee may also remove certain selling privileges (e.g. free shipping, preferred seller), lower your products' search ranking, limit, or suspend your account access.

Here are some tips to maintain an excellent selling record:

The Don’ts

1. Posting services

Shopee does not allow users to list services on the platform.

2. Counterfeit & imitation products

Only genuine products can be listed on Shopee. Please be aware that counterfeit products are prohibited. Shopee reserves the right to report and delete any listing of a counterfeit nature.

3. Transactions outside Shopee

Directing transactions outside Shopee or asking the buyer to pay through means outside the Shopee platform is prohibited.

The following activities are not allowed on Shopee:

4. Infringing content & impersonation

Any deceptive manner of impersonation is a serious offense in Shopee. If you choose to use someone else’s photo, respect their rights, and give credit where it’s due.

Here are some examples of infringing content & impersonation:

Help us keep the Shopee community strong! If you find any user impersonating you or someone else, please contact us here.

5. Putting irrelevant or an excessive number of search terms in the title and description   

It is important that users are able to quickly find what they are searching for. Putting in additional brands, keywords, or hashtags in the title or description that are irrelevant to the product may be flagged and banned by our system. 

Examples of what not to include:

6. Creating multiple listings of the same product

Please do not create multiple listings of the same product. Such listings are automatically banned by our system.

7. Misleading Pricing

Please do not list products at prices that you do not intend to sell them for (e.g.listing a product at P5.00 then asking the buyer to pay P300). Such listings will automatically be banned by our system.

8. Abusive behaviors and Scamming

All voucher codes, rebates, and subsidies are meant to help sellers promote sales and grow their business. The following behaviors in any forms are strictly prohibited on our platform:

We monitor all user accounts and make sure users comply with our community rules. Violation of these rules will result in a range of actions including but not limited to the following:

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us and we would love to hear from you! Go to or call 02 8 880 5200 for any queries or suggestions!


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