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Are you looking for more ways to save when you do your online shopping? Pay with ShopeePay and you’ll surely find yourself saving money as you shop till you drop! ShopeePay is an e-wallet where you can easily pay for your Shopee purchases or pay bills, buy load, cash in, withdraw cash, and send money – all in one place while enjoying amazing promos and savings! Shop, buy load, send money, and pay bills – you name it and it will be worth it. So it’s about time that you activate your ShopeePay! Keep reading to find out the different ways you can save when you learn how to use ShopeePay! 

Learn How to Use ShopeePay and Maximize Savings

1. Send Money for Free

Did you know that you can send money for free on ShopeePay? Once you’ve verified your ShopeePay account, you can enjoy seamless and convenient transfers! If it’s your first time transferring money from your ShopeePay after registering and verifying your account, you can get a free money! You can also spread the love by sending money to your family and friends through ShopeePay Ang Pao. With ShopeePay Ang Pao, you can get cashback if it’s your first time sending money via ShopeePay!

But before you send money, make sure that you know how to put money in your ShopeePay! Enjoy cash-in promos on ShopeePay! You can cash in for free with Instapay and skip the 1% e-wallet fee. It doesn’t get better than that! So once you know how to put money in your ShopeePay, you’re up for some amazing promos.

Fret not because you can easily withdraw your money if the need arises! You can learn how to withdraw from ShopeePay in a matter of seconds. When you figure out how to withdraw from ShopeePay and cash in, transferring your money will be hassle-free.  

2. Shop and Save

On the hunt for some shipping discount vouchers so you don’t have to worry about the added delivery fee? Look no further! With free shipping vouchers and other exclusive ShopeePay vouchers such as cashback and discount vouchers, nothing’s going to hold you back. Your shopping spree will be one for the books because you get to shop and save at the same time, thanks to these ShopeePay vouchers. Just make sure that you meet the required minimum spend and select ShopeePay as your payment method! With ShopeePay, you can enjoy faster checkout. Go ahead and learn how to use ShopeePay and activate it today!

Discover ShopeePay Near Me too so you can enjoy mind-blowing ₱1 Deals! You can also get 20% cashback when you scan to pay via QR on partner merchants. You simply don’t want to miss out on this chance to shop and save in one go!

3. Buy Discounted Load and Data

Buy load and data while you’re at it! Keep an eye out because you don’t want to miss the flash sales of up to 50% off on load promos from Globe, DITO, Smart, TM, and TNT! Don’t miss out on ShopeePay exclusive deals too where you can enjoy access to sites and apps with 1 GB promo for all networks for just ₱1. Learn how to buy load on Shopee so you can enjoy mind-blowing load promos today!

4. Pay Bills and Get Cashback

This is convenience at its finest! Gone are the days of having to step out of the house and face long lines when it’s that time of the month to pay your bills. With Shopee bills payment, you can seamlessly pay for your bills with just a few taps. You can pay for your postpaid mobile plan, landline and internet, TV cable, electricity, water, and a lot more! Figuring out how to pay bills using ShopeePay is as easy as a breeze! You’ll be a pro in four easy steps once you learn how to pay bills via ShopeePay. Aside from sparing you from the hassle of paying your bills in person, you can also get cashback with ShopeePay-exclusive bills payment vouchers. 

Send Money, Buy Load, Pay Bills, and Shop with ShopeePay Now! 

All these fantastic promos are right at your fingertips when you use ShopeePay. Whether you’re choosing this as your payment method for your online shopping or your bills, you’ll surely save a lot thanks to exclusive free shipping vouchers, discounts, and coins cashback. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient to pay with this given all the top-up options like payment centers and e-wallets, over-the-counter, and even online banking. What are you waiting for? Find out how to use ShopeePay and activate ShopeePay now in just a few steps! This is a simple yet great way to save money and you’ll definitely thank yourself for it! 

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