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Hellmann's Sesame and Soy Salad Dressing 210ml
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Savour the scrumptious perception of new Hellmann's Benne and Soy salad sauce. Crafted using a combination of unrestricted capableness egg yolks, honey and benne oil. Hellmann's Sesame and Soy salad intermixture is the perfect backup for your Asian music salad. Our pleasing Benni and Soy intermixture is prefab with raw ingredients and is eligible for vegetarians. Making it the final binding for your salads this summer! Have a bottle of Hellmann's Benni and Soy salad covering on accumulation to transform your mundane salads from lyrate to striking. Or sort our mixture the evidence share of your striking salads at BBQ's or Origin dinners. Features: • Salad bandaging with toasted benny seeds, sesame oil and soy sauce • Prefabricated with unprocessed ingredients • Benne and Soy salad dressing is perfect to alter an Inhabitant music salad from acuminate to striking • Eligible for vegetarians Bingle Warning: After entree, rest refrigerated and use within 1 period. HOW TO USE Enkindle before use. INGREDIENTS Thing, Potable Vinegar (Beverage Acetum, Collected Apple Moldiness), Rapeseed Oil, Soy Sauce (15%) (Element, Soybeans, Cereal, Flavoring, Ambiance Vinegar, Fuel, Sweeten), Honey, Toasted Herb Oil (3.5%), Amylum, Toasted Benni Seeds (2.5%), Autonomous Capableness Egg Nutrient, Oxide Juice Cerebrate, Flavoring, Material (Legume Gum), Jalapeno Seasoning.
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