VitaCinc x 30's (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc)
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VitaCinc box of 30's (30 capsules in a box) Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (VitaCinc) capsule comes in size 0 hard gelatin capsule with brown cap and body. WHAT IS IN THE MEDICINE? Each capsule contains 562.43 mg of Sodium Ascorbate that provides 500 mg of its active substance, Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C. This vitamin is used for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin C deficiency symptoms like scurvy (characterized by capillary fragility, bleeding of small blood vessels and gums, normocytic or macrocytic anaemia, lesions of cartilages and bones and slow healing of wounds). It is essential for the synthesis of collagen and intercellular materials. Ascorbic acid acts to stimulate the production of collagen (abundant protein of the body for protection of mucosal linings and other connective tissues for maintaining of organs) and being a potent antioxidant, it effectively fights free radicals and harmful effects of these in the body. Zinc on the other hand helps in the proper replication of cells’ DNA which is required for cells to multiply and thus needed for normal growth, cell renewal and cell repair. Vitamin C and zinc also function as cofactors of enzyme involved in collagen (abundant protein of the body for protection of mucosal linings and other connective tissues for maintaining of organs) formation and synthesis. STRENGTH OF THE MEDICINE See the formulation. WHAT IS THIS MEDICINE USED FOR? Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (VitaCinc) is used for the treatment and/or prevention of Vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies. HOW MUCH AND HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU USE THIS MEDICINE? Take Ascorbic Acid + Zinc (VitaCinc) orally once a day with or without food or as directed by physician. WHEN SHOULD YOU NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE? This medicine must not be taken if Sodium Ascorbate can potentially interact with other drugs or substances, other interacting conditions are present like hyperoxaluria and G6PD deficiency, tolerance is developed due to prolonged intake of large doses and gastrointestinal disturbances like diarrhea are developed due to intake of large doses. Also, if allergy to any component of this product is possible. CARE THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN WHEN TAKING THIS MEDICINE? • Ask a physician before use if you are on a sodium restricted diet since each capsule of this product contains 65 mg of sodium (as Sodium Ascorbate). • Do not take more than the recommended dose. • Do not use this product after its expiration date and keep this out of reach of children.

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