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Features This is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Stone Cooking and the individual platters make for a simply great dinner party, either indoors or out.  Fantastic for a prime fillet steak and chips, ideal for rump, sirloin and rib-eye and sensational for salmon, tuna and swordfish, the dry heat of the lava stone sears in the natural moisture and flavors of your chosen cut and with no oils or fats required it’s a fresh, fun and healthy way to cook that will leave you wondering why you did it differently before. The stone used here is guaranteed to be the best available product from which to enjoy hot stone cooking. The stones require heating to between 280-350° Celsius (approx 540-660° Fahrenheit) for optimal use and you will soon find the perfect temperature for you to enjoy your steak, exactly as you like.  Heating your stone can be achieved in the oven in 40mins, or under the grill in 30-40mins.  Needless to say the stone will not go up higher than the maximum heat of the chosen method.. To check whether the stone is hot enough following heating, place a teaspoon of water carefully on the centre of the stone. If the stone is fully heated this will instantly sizzle and visibly evaporate after 10 seconds. If this does not happen you can continue heating for a further 5 minutes and repeat the sizzle test. Your SteakStones Lava Stones cannot be overheated using standard household ovens, but we do not recommend exposure to direct heat i.e. gas or electric hobs, for longer than 40mins. Each set includes a stunning bamboo presentation board, a specially sourced lava stone, a stylish porcelain plate, a high grade stainless steel tray and three shatterproof glass bowls. All components have been selected for both their form and durability. The board is just wipe clean, the stone can be cleaned easily by hand and the other components are all dishwasher safe. Specification  The bamboo base measures : 50 cm x 29.7 cm x 2 cm lava stone measuring : 21 cm x 15.2 cm x 3 cm steel tray measuring : 21 cm x 16 cm x 0.5 cm The plate is approximately :20 cm x 13.7 cm x 2 cm ceramic bowl : 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm Package Dimension : 54 x 34 x 13.2 cm Package Weight : 5.45 Kg Package Inclusion  1 x Bamboo base tray 1 x Lava Stone 1 x Steel Tray 1 x Ceramic Plate 3 x Ceramic Bowl

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