Room And Linen Spray Gift Set (2x 150mL) By Puresence Home Fragrances Gift Box Gift Ideas Christmas
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2x 150mL Room & Linen Spray Gift Set Just a few spritzes can transform your home into an all-natural abode that sharpens the senses, relieves stress, & keeps you feeling calm and relaxed all day. How to Use: - Shake well before use - Spray evenly across the room - On any fabrics that might stain (such as silk) conduct a patch test on a small area of the fabric that cannot be seen - To make the scent last stronger, spray generously on cloth such as curtains and beddings Storage: 1. Our products are stored in amber glass bottles to maintain its potency. 3. Always store your essential oils, fragrance scents, room sprays, and roller-blends in a cool, dark place. Safety Note: 1. Keep away from children’s reach. 2. Avoid oral ingestion and contact with eyes. Disclaimer: 1. In transit, products may have a tendency to leak slightly. 2. All products under the hotel series are similar and inspired scents only. We do not claim to have the exact scent as those used in hotels. 3. Please read the scent description first before placing an order. 4. By placing an order with us, you accept that slight leakage and different scent expectations will not be valid grounds for return/refund. 5. Any shipping cost you incur to return the product to us will not be refunded, unless we made an error.

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