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Pro6 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Touch Control 9d Stereo Headset Build-in MIC earphones bluetooth original
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1 logo or text in the charging case

2. Pop-up window for IOS

Support three.name and GPS location.

4.Binural, left and right headphones can be used separately.

Five.automatic unpacking / automatic connection.

6no LED light in use.

7 multi-functional touch control button.

8sterile hyfi and low sound.

9. Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, performance is improved, ten meters are not connected and continuous.

Tensupport the previous track / next track.

11. Siri activation support.

12. Perfectly compatible with IOS and Android system.

The latest pop-up function will only work when you connect to IOS 13.2 or above, please make sure you have updated your IOS system.

About pairing:

Android: open the phone bluetooth, press the button on the charging box for three seconds, search by phone and pair

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