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Ear Pigs | Pig ears For Size in Count based on his weight and ears, jd for grams is not always the main benchmark yes.. 1pcs ± 10x10cm/25-40grams (SIZE M) 1pcs ± 13x13cm/35-50gram(SIZE L) 1pcs ± 15x15cm/45-70grams (SIZE JUMBO/XL) 50 grams Pork Ear Strips and 50gram Pork Ear Bites available Ear Pigs | Pig ears are perfect for anabuls that in the process of growing teeth and adult anabules, so as not to bite the goods in the house. besides that Pig Ear | Pig ears can reduce tartar and bad breath in the anabules. Good DAY products are homemade, hand sliced, And is perfectly dried at the right temperature for several days to Kills bacteria and bones experiences perfect drying into bones, without damaging nutritional content. No added sugar, salt, Dye, preservatives. 100% Natural & 100% real meat. After giving treat, always keep an eye on puppies when eating, And provide drinking water at all times. Store in cool & dry place, away from sunlight. Keep it in the refrigerator after opening. Store in freezer or refrigerator. Ear Pigs | Pig ears

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