Plusivo 5mm LED Assortment Kit (500pcs) with Bonus PCB and 220 Ω Resistors(100pcs)
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5 mm LED Assortment Kit: Includes 4 different colors of round head Light Emitting Diodes with diffused lens (yellow, green, red and blue) 100 pcs each and it also includes 100 pcs of white clear LED bulbs. Forward Voltages of 2.0-2.2 V: For colors red, yellow, green and 3.0 -3.2 V for white and blue colors. 500 pcs of LED lights: In a variety of colors to choose from. Perfect for all your electronic projects and science experiments. •BONUS! 100 pcs 1/4 W 220 Ohms Resistors and 2 x 8 cm Prototype PCB Durable Plastic Storage Box Included: It helps you to always keep the LEDs organized and to transport the LED kit anywhere - keep your LED lights secured and free from damaging and breaking. Satisfaction Guarantee: Our LED assortment box is backed by our manufacturer with 30 days money back guarantee. You Want - A colorful set of LEDs which are energy saving, durable, small sized and bright. You Need - A pack of 5 mm LEDs with diffused and clear lens which can be used for all your electronic lighting projects, DIY toys and light decoration assembly, science experiment and many others. You Desire - A premium LED kit that is easy to store and use. You Get - Everything you want, need and desire with the Optimus Electric LED Assortment Kit. PLUS a pack of Resistors and a Printed Circuit Board as BONUS items! This LED Assortment Kit from Optimus Electric has a wide scope of application like school science experiments and DIY light projects, indoor and outdoor light decoration and electronic and electrical use. You'll never want to be without the Optimus Electric LED Assortment Kit . 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our capacitor kit is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee. Specifications: • Head Type:Round • Head Diameter:5 mm • Head Material:Plastic • Pin Length:18 mm • Max. Current: 20 mA • Viewing Angle:30 Degree • Luminous Intensity: Red:600-800 MCD; Yellow:500-600 MCD; Green:400-500 MCD; Blue:600- 800 MCD; White:14000- 16000 MCD • Polarity:Anode (Longer Pin) | Cathode (Shorter Pin) Don't delay. Buy today. Add to cart now!

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