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Organic Quinoa in Standing Resealable Pouches
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SUPERFOOD! Available in different sizes. Please see variations. Due to its gluten-free, high-fiber, protein, mineral, and amino acid content, quinoa is a fantastic rice alternative and one of the world's most consumed health foods. It can help people lose weight by lowering their cholesterol and blood sugar levels. White quinoa is the lightest in texture and flavor out of all the quinoa hues, and it cooks up a little fluffier than other varieties. Quinoa, which the Incas referred to as "the mother of all grains," is one of the world's healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods. Its high fiber content, which is more than twice as high as that of other grains, may make you feel more satisfied or "satiety" during a meal and cause you to consume less calories overall. Compared to most grains, it provides more and better protein, which can dramatically lower hunger and speed up metabolism. In actuality, it is a "complete protein" since it contains all nine necessary amino acids. Quinoa is a fantastic plant-based protein source for vegetarians and vegans because of this. It is also packed with vital minerals including magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin E, and a variety of healthy antioxidants. All these properties make Quinoa an excellent aid in weight loss and in improving your overall health. Quinoa resembles grains and has a fluffy texture akin to couscous, despite the fact that it is officially a seed. The "grains" cook up like rice and taste nutty and mild. HEALTH BENEFITS Complete Protein High in Fiber Powerful antioxidant Low glycemic index of 53 Improves cholesterol levels Naturally gluten-free Aids in weight-loss Fights cancer HOW TO USE Cooking Quinoa is very similar to cooking rice. Slightly rinse then boil 1:2 Quinoa to water ratio for about 20 minutes or until the kernel has popped open. Quinoa can be enjoyed as a rice substitute or as a healthy addition to salads and other dishes. #protein #fitness #superfood #rice #mealreplacement #fiber #quinoa #slimming #healthy #healthyliving #preferredseller #freeshippingshopee #freeshipping #supplements #supplement #superfood #superfoods

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