Obvi Super Collagen Protein Powder - Fruity Cereal Flavor - Beauty Collagen Pre Workout Drink
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Collagen is the superglue that holds your body together–literally. It’s a protein in our body that is found almost everywhere: skin, tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, teeth. Our Obvi Collagen is hydrolyzed, which means that the native collagen has been broken down into smaller fragments, making it easier for the body to absorb. So the native collagen (e.g. bovine hide) has undergone a softening process that allows the collagen peptides to be released from their bonds and safely extracted. Hydrolyzed Collagen (also known as collagen peptides) can support skin, nails, joints, and muscle health. Obvi's Super Collagen Protein Supports: ✓ Stronger & Healthier Hair ✓ Glowing & Radiant Skin ✓ Healthy Nail Growth ✓ Alleviating Joint Pain & Soreness ✓ Reduces Fine Skin Lines and Wrinkles Additional Information: - Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides to ensure a natural, high-quality, sustainable source of collagen - Alleviates joint pain and soreness and bolsters general bone support - Enhances your gut health from within - Supports overall health and well-being If you’ve heard all about collagen powder but unsure how to incorporate it into your day, here's a guide just for you! https://bit.ly/ObviHow-To

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