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Pelise Kitchen Faucet Water Purifier Tap Water Purifier 4-Layer High-Efficiency Health
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Product: diatom filter

Filter material: ceramic diatom compounts

Flow rate: 1.0 - 2.0L/min

Applied water: Municipal tap water

Working pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.4MPa

Applied temperatire: 5-38°C


This product is small, easy to use and install

Filter can be replaces, safe and convenient

Two different kinds of water way, energy saving

Widely use, and can be installed by different kind of faucet

Product safety and high-performance

Filter configuration:

Diatom Ceramic Filter Element: removes any heavy metal sediments, rust, redworm, etc. from the water

Coconut Shell activated carbon: The large internal surface of activted carbon makes it excellent at absorbing many contaminants in drinking water, leaving the water cleaner, and better tasting

Maifan Stone balls: Maifan stones are known as nature's miracle. Maifan stones contain plenty of micro-nutrient elements which are essential to the human body and has been used for centuries by the Chinese to cure a variety of health issues

Alkaline minerals: Reduces acidity and balances PH levels in the water

Chlorine removal energy balls: The chlorine removal energy balls aims at removing the last amounts of chlorine from the drinking water that may have passed the first four stages of filtration

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