Madre de Cacao Shampoo & Conditioner with Guava Extract - Baby Powder Scent 1 Gallon Green FREE SOAP
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"DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS, GET YOUR FURBABIES WITH PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS FROM DOGGIESCARE" DOGGIESCARE Products are created to helps your furbabies with common skin diseases such as manges, fungals and other viral infections. Our Products are made from fresh MADRE DE CACAO LEAF, GUAVA LEAF, MORINGA LEAF, NEEM LEAF AND ACAPULCO LEAF Extracts. Our Products also have MOISTURIZER, which help your furbabies skin smooth and it helps to protect the skin from irritants. IWASAN ANG GALIS, KUTO AT GARAPATA, KATI KATI, NAGLALAGAS NA BALAHIBO, HOTSPOTS, AT IBA PA. GAMITIN ANG MADRE DE CACAO PARA SA NATURAL NA TREATMENT SA INYONG MGA ALAGA. MADRE DE CACAO EXTACT *Anti Tick and Flea *Anti Mange *Anti Dundruff *Anti Itchy *Anti Parasitic *Anti Fungal *Anti Microbial *Promotes Fur Growth *Helps Treat Scabies *Treats Smelly coats *Helps Prevent Skin Infections *Helps Treat Yeast Infections *Helps Treat and Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infections *Helps Treat Tickbites and Rashes *Helps Treat Fungals like Ringworms, Rashes and Tick Bites *Heals Hot Spots, Sores and Wounds *Controls Dandruff and Hairfall *Deodorize Skin *Relieves Itch and Flaky Skin *Removes Foul Odor *Repels Insects GUAVA LEAF EXTRACT *Helps Heal Wound *Antimicrobial effect which prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi *Anti-Inflammatory effect which improves Hair Growth and Health *Supplements hair with antioxidants to prevent the effect of Hair Discoloration *Prevents Hair Loss *Anti Danfruff MORINGA LEAF EXTRACT *Protecting and nourishing skin and hair *Promotes Healthy Hair Growth *Increased Hair Strength and *Increase Scalp Protection *Increase Damage Protection *excellent source of all the B Vitamins, Zinc, potassium and Vitamin C, Iron, Manganese, and antioxidants. NEEM LEAF EXTRACT *Helps with Itchy Skin *Hydrates Frizzy Hair *Promotes Hair Growth *Naturally, condition Hair *Strengthens Hair Acapulco Leaf Extract commonly used as an anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment for different skin diseases that include the following: *Ringworm *Scabies *Insect bites *Skin itchiness/inflammation *Other skin infections MOISTURIZER *Hydrate outer layer of the skin *improve skin barrier function *provide protection against skin irritants *accelerate wound-healing processes *relieve dry skin *MAKES COAT BECOME HEALTHIER AND SHINIER *SOFTENS SKIN AND MOISTURIZE *FOR ALL BREED DIRECTIONS OF USE: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Wet your Furbaby's Coat. Apply Soap and rub all over the body for atleast 3 to 5mins, Rinse thoroughly. Apply Shampoo and Conditioner and rub also for 3 to 5 mins. Rinse thoroughly. #madredecacao #antimange #guavaextract #dogsupplies #antiticksandfleas #madredecacaoshampoo #shampoo #dogshampoo

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