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Jelli M1 Mask Clear Transparent Anti-Fog 3D Face Mask
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Meet an innovative generation of face masks, crafted with your comfort and wellbeing in mind! Completely reusable with replaceable filters, Jelli M1 brings you transparent, breathable, 3D face masks which filter an incredible 99.7% of pollution with a two-way filtration system. Engineered by experts in California, the mask features adjustable straps for a universal fit, and anti-fog technology to ensure your mouth is clearly visible and your smile shines through, while also working with Apple Face ID. Made With Safe For Skin Materials Jelli M1 transparent face masks are made from quality, food-grade polycarbonate, which is designed specially to be safe for humans. Say no to toxins and protect your skin with face masks that are created with your wellness in mind. Available In Three Colors No matter what your personal style, Jelli M1 has a face mask for you! Choose from Artic (white), Midnight (black) or Cherry (pink) and turn your face mask into an accessory to compliment your ideal aesthetic - who says face masks can’t be fashionable? Tested For Quality Designed in California and tested rigorously, Jelli M1 is committed to providing quality face masks which protect you and those around you from harmful particles. Stay healthy and happy without sacrificing your ability to communicate.

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